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    First off, this is a terrific plugin. We’ve been using it for years with no trouble and appreciate all the work you do. Moreover, our setup is pretty bespoke, so I’m aware that we don’t have anything approaching the sort of standardized setup that makes troubleshooting easier. Nevertheless, we are currently having issues with v2.5.1, and I thought I’d check in to see if there was an obvious answer or cause, or if you had any recommendations as to where I should start looking.

    Bottom line: When we run 2.5.0 or below, everything works nicely. If we install 2.5.1, our sites go down. From what I can see, this only seems to happen in our production environment, where we are running MariaDB (10.5.24) Galera (three master-master nodes) behind an HAProxy load-balancer that sends read and write requests in a round-robin format. (In staging, we have a single MariaDB server, running locally—also v10.5.24.) The moment we enable 2.5.1 on any of our sites, we get a spike in slow queries. If we roll back the plugin to 2.5.0 or below, this immediately stops. I don’t know enough about the architecture of the plugin to work out why. Any ideas?

    Thanks! Any help is much appreciated.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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