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    Clearly very little testing was carried out before this release, there are so many things broken. Used to be a good stable plugin, but the developer has trashed his reputation with this release. Currently trying to extricate myself from this mess with little success, the whole registration/login/logout process is broken for admin users and am seriously concerned it has put my site at risk for unauthorised registrations.

    And no lessons learned. Repeated with version 2.1. Untested rubbish

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    I am having similar issues. I use the developer API and I am getting an exception from:

    um_fetch_user( $wp_user );

    Turns out that $ultimatemember->user is returning null.

    This has broken my site and I have to put my site in maintenance mode till this is resolved. If not fixed soon will need to switch plugin!

    Also the UM roles are no longer available on the Admin WP Users page; Would be great to have that back again!

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    I have rolled back to an earlier version. Spent most of yesterday trying to fix this mess and have now got login/logout/registration back to normal. Still in error:
    1. Member directory returns 404 error when a user profile is clicked. As if the whole set of usernames is missing from the [sitename]/members/ category.
    2. UM still does not assign wp role on registration, so new users are unable to post unless role is added manually.
    Get yourself WP Rollback plugin and go back to 1.3 to salvage some of the broken functionality. In the medium term however, it is probably better to look for an alternative as this release has demonstrated a very amateur approach. Just look at the number of incremental ’emergency’ release. Says it all.



    I’d use WP Rollback to rollback to UM 1.3.88

    then go through the saved settings you had before in the appearance tab before it was deprecated write the hex code down somewhere for every option, then install


    and then you can select the element (UM) and then change the color of the background or text or whatever it will write the CSS for you then copy and paste into Avada “Additional CSS” or WP -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

    (this worked for me)



    Thanks! I will give that a try!



    that will only work for CSS though.

    here is your fix to the null error since UM 2.0 uses a different framework and global call.

    $user = wp_get_current_user();
    if ( in_array( 'um_member', (array) $user->roles ) )
    } else {
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