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  • I have searched like a madman here and on Google for the answer to this. Can anyone tell me if there is some code/hack to put into CSS to fix the shift in the header and footer?

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  • bmg1227,
    We need a bit more information, perhaps a URL would be good. Or even snippets of code.

    However, get firefox working on your machine. and get TWO plugins
    1: Web devleopers plugin
    2: IE switch

    One will let you edit css on the fly as a side bar, and the other will use the IE engin to render the xhtml.

    That will give you a bit to play wit.

    Sorry, yeah the url is You’ll notice that in IE, the left side of the header loses the grey border because of this shift.

    I have FF, and of course everything looks fine.

    Okay, So, i THINK you want something called “Place Holder”, Here is a good explanation for it.

    Another issue in Internet Explorer is that the background colour of the box sometimes overlap on to the element below, again causing a highly unsightly effect. This can be simply solved by placing a tiny placeholder beneath our box with round corners. Immediately after the fourth closing </div>, insert the following HTML:

    <div class=”clear”> </div>

    And assign it this CSS rule:

    .clear {font-size: 1px; height: 1px}

    i got this from

    No you do not. Brian the problem here is your CSS positioning. Your wrapper is declared at a width of 760px AND 1px border each side.
    Some browsers render that at 762 and some at 758. That’s your problem.
    The stuff below wont fit. It seems to but it introduces the instability.
    You need to drop the borders or add Tantek’s voice hack. (Google for it).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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