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  • wrk


    Hey all,

    Im using wp as cms tool for a website. It’s for a primery school with 2 locations. for this reason they want the website split up in two parts. The website’s structure is as follows:

    page:———————–location 1 Location 2
    page:(menu-item 1,…,menu-item n) (menu-item 1,…,menu-item n)

    The menu-items are the same for both locations. So I was thinking to just create the pages 1 time and use them for both parents(location 1& Location 2)..

    Does anybody know a handy way to do this??

    Thanks in advance,


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  • slylake


    The simplest way I can think of is to literally split the site.

    Have your domain name as a splash homepage.

    Create a subdomain for each location.

    On your homepage, have a blurb/image etc, and then a link to each location’s site:
    i.e. and

    Then install wordpress into each of the two subdomains on their own databases.

    Create users and administrators as per location. Use one theme developed for your school across both sites.

    Aesthetically: one and the same visually, different by URL.
    Technically: different horses for different courses.



    @slylake,tnx for your response!Im still testing local, but your option didn’t pass my mind yet..

    In the moment I have 1 wp installation, 1 static home template, in the home template I have 2 links for each location and with each location I have a set up serveral pages(which are equal on both locations).

    Im kinda convinced..:) => got 2 admin panels..separated all, but 2 wp installations @ 1 server, won’t this technically end up in some server problems(I know about adding a prefix or just creating a new db)??



    Shouldn’t be a problem to have multiple installations on one server. I must have over 20 on one of my servers alone.

    The main thing is to either use table prefixes, or better, different databases.
    Each install I have of wordpress goes into its own database. I just find it easier to manage that way, and reduces the range of things to check if you ever run into problems…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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