1and1 VPS Plugin Installs through Dashboard (2 posts)

  1. rhigareda
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have a wordpress blog (several) that are on a 1and1 VPS. Everything seems to work swimmingly except one feature.

    When I attempt to install a plugin using the dashboard it seems to install correctly, the zip file get's extracted to the plugins directory it all seems good to go, but if I hit Activate Plugin it comes with a Valid Header Not Found error. If I just install and return to plugin installer without trying to activate and then go back to the Plugins area and look for the plugin it is not listed, but if I FTP into the server the files are all there, in the proper structure. I can then download the Plugin delete it from the server and upload the files I just downloaded and it works just fine. It's very odd, it's like for some reason the files aren't getting recognized by WordPress once they are downloaded and extracted.

  2. aselalh
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Site URL: http://www.howtotechtips.com
    Wordpress 3.4

    Me too faced same problem with 1and1 VPS and had to changed my VPS because of this matter. if anybody can help it will be appreciated

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