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    As the title suggest, I am having extreme difficulty getting this installed. Has anyone done so with They do not allow the (*) wildcard for subdomain naming.

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    Subdomain was pointing to directory, it needed to point at the root (or where wordpress was installed)

    Hello Elanio,

    Can you please confirm that you got a wordpress multisite working with 1and1? Are you on a shared server?

    Thank you.

    yes, and yes.

    Thank you Elanio.

    Are you using subdomains, or subdirectories?


    Is there something specific you need help with? I posted the answer already that worked for me using Subdomains. Read above, or please be detailed and specific so I or others can assist you.

    Hello Elanio,

    I have shared hosting with As you already know, they do not support wildcard subdomains. In the past, I have tried to set up a multisite WordPress installation and manually set subdomains via my control panel. It didn’t work. I wondered exactly what it was that you did?

    I would also like to be able to point different domains at the root directory of the wordpress multisite and have them resolve to specific sub sites. Were you able to do this?


    Hi Sonny,

    Yes, I did get this working, and without a wildcard. I installed WordPress at the root level of my domain, i.e.:

    I also selected subdomain as the multi-network method and not subdirectory ie.


    To achieve this, you MUST create subdomains manually and set the host directory to the root. WordPress will handle the redirect internally. When making the subdomain, point the folder to the root: -> (this works)

    The issue I was “initially” having was that I would create a subdirectory & subdomain and have the subdomain pointed at the subdirectory. ie -> (this did not work)

    Hope this all makes sense on how to set up a subdomain WordPress multisite on 1and1 shared hosting.


    You’re saving lives! Thanks brother!!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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