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    Hello, I have a question. I got a 1and1 blog at, but I can’t get a custom theme installed for it. 1and1 doesn’t seem to give me ftp access for it for some weird reason and I can only select themes already installed with wordpress. Does anyone with 1and1 blogging know the answer?

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  • Ya, get away from 1and1. I had them for a week a while back before I knew squat about what service to get. They are only for the very basic of basic users. The main issue with them, aside from HORRIBLE customer support is you don’t have any access to your files aside from their rinky dink control panel, which allows you nothing. I would recommend hostgator, which I use, or bluehost. Both have fantastico and all of the other goodies you’ll need.

    Again, get away from 1and1…the only GOOD thing with them, for me, was they were super fast at my location. THAT’S IT.

    I use 1and1, and have never had any problem with this. Maybe I’ve got a different hosting package than you? I use the 1and1 business account and have full FTP access. If you’ve only signed up for the “home” package, chances are that’s why you’re not getting full access.

    But then again, how on earth did you install WordPress to start with? I’m intrigued to see the footer of your site says “1&1 Weblog – powered by WordPress”. Did you set your site up from the 1and1 control panel or something?

    Fabrian – interesting to see your comments about 1and1. I’ve used them for three years now, for both business and personal websites, and I think they’re good. Certainly not just for basic users, but then again, I didn’t sign up for the cheapest hosting packages with 1and1.

    Agreed about customer service though: it truly, truly stinks. Any time I have to call their customer support line I sit down with a cup of tea and a handful of tranquilisers because you just KNOW you’re going to get someone answering your call who doesn’t have a clue and who doesn’t even speak your language properly! It’s an absolutely vile experience.

    I just stick with them because a) I’m too lazy to move hosting companies, b) I think their general deal is pretty good, and c) in the time I’ve used them, they’ve been 100% reliable for me.

    I went under administration and selected Blog and made a new blog. I have ftp access to my website, but my blog is seperate, I guess. The actual website I have with 1and1 is, but they let you have a wordpress blog. I did that because I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to upload wordpress to my site. Btw, I’m signed up for 1and1 beginner.

    Fabrian, btw, what is wrong with 1and1? Have you not heard of FTP? Of course you can view your files! 1and1 isn’t for n00bs who need their own file managers!

    I assume the 1and1 blog feature is something separate from uploading WP in the root directory and running your own blog. I have several sites up on the 1and1 beginner plan, each in it’s own directory so essentially separate sites.

    I use Smartftp to rapidly upload and bulk delete files so have no need of a web based control panel.

    I have four sites with 1&1. Two are on the Professional package and two are on the Home Package. If you go to the FAQs on 1&1’s site, you can find out how to configure and use FTP to upload anything you want. Because of the general domain they issue, when you set up your FTP access (if you haven’t already), set up access for the “account” and all of your files will be accessible from there.

    I’ve been using FTP for years for my site. I use SmartFTP, in fact. The problem is, I don’t think there IS ftp access for my blog, because it isn’t something uploaded to my account, it’s a blog that you set up on the 1and1 website. I have a screenshot of what I CAN do with my blog here:
    Just to clear anything up, this blog isn’t my website, is, so my blog cannot be at that domain.
    Another Edit:
    If it isn’t possible to add a custom template, could someone explain how I download WordPress and put it in a folder at my domain? I tried once, but I don’t understand a bit of php or what to do.

    Sk, that blog you have set up on 1and1, you’re not going to be able to change themes or anything like that as it’s all set automatically up by 1and1. The only way you’re going to be able to customise it fully with your own themes/templates is to install WordPress on your own webspace.

    Sorry, I didn’t understand what you were talking about first of all because the UK version of 1and1 doesn’t seem to have this blog feature, and obviously as I’m in Edinburgh I use the British set-up.

    Anyway. You’re lucky if you can use the US version of 1and1 because you get SQL databases even in the most basic package. We get screwed over here as we have to pay more for that, but hey, that’s life in the UK – everything is more expensive here 😉

    You’ll then need your FTP login and username, which you’ll find in the 1and1 control panel. And get yourself an FTP program (I like FileZilla, personally) so you can hook into the server space you’re renting.

    If you go to you’ll find full details on how to proceed there.

    Alright, thanks! I finally figured out how to get wordpress setup. I was having issues with the mySQL. Now I can finally use comicpress instead of manual updates for my website.

    Were you able to install a custom theme? If so, dish (tell us how). 🙂

    ya I need to know as well. Does 1&1 offer refunds…within 24 hours of purchase?

    I didn’t need a 1and1 refund. I just needed to manually put wordpress on my domain so I could install a template. To get a custom theme, download it, and follow the instructions in the readme. For instance, I got comicpress, and got it working perfectly. My result:

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