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  • Hi there,

    I have set up a 1and1 blog on a subdomain at – but cannot see Wp the files on the server? For that matter, i can’t see the subdomain either. Where does 1and1 set the WP iles up? I wish to some customization.

    Thanks a mill.

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  • Get an FTP client and start poking around. If 1and1 provides some other Web interface, use that instead.

    Please start your queries with your host first, come here only when you have specific WP questions, not hosting related questions.


    I do have an FTP client and I did poke around as you suggested before I posted here. I also did a search on this forum and as vsimilar questions were submitted and answered re 1and1 and other hosts, I had assumed this was an ok place to post. Sorry.

    As for the other comment re: the double post sent by another – that was an accident. I am assuming you have heard of those. Once again my apologies.

    From the 1and1 FAQ’S

    How do I login to edit my Blog?

    The blog has a management interface which you can use to manage your blog site.

    You can login one of two ways:

    1. Click 1&1 Blog in the 1&1 Control Panel and then click launch.

    2. To login go to the url:

    Note: You will need to replace “” with your domain name the blog is located on.
    This was specified by the user during blog creation.


    So far I have downloaded the wordpress software and did an install of the software from scratch so I can fully mess with it.

    I wonder if 1and1 does not allow you much freedom when you set up a blog from the administration panel.

    this is wordpress 2.05 but when i ftp and poke around i don’t find the usual folders but a wb folder inside of which are folders

    account config.php include languages modules search templates
    admin framework index.php media pages temp

    are they using the code?

    so far i haven’t found the plugin or template folders.

    btw they send you here for help.

    The 1and1 Blog application is a WordPress blog but not too sure where they actually store the files. They seem to do some kind of redirection trick with your Domain to get the blog to appear. Supposedly (I heard this from a 1and1 user) you don’t have much control over that blog.

    If you want a ‘full under your control’ WordPress blog, you should consider deleting the 1and1 Blog then install WordPress.

    For anyone else who comes across this issue, 1and1 do now offer a blog on their basic packages, but it doesn’t seem to be configurable in any way. You can choose from a selection of themes, some of which allow you to customise the colours, etc. but that’s about it. You’re not given access to any of the WordPress system files so can’t upload your own header image, for example, or add plugins. This limited functionality will be fine for some people, but isn’t for everyone. Personally, I think it’s a real shame 1and1 can’t offer that extra level of access.

    The better (but more expensive) option is to go for the 1and1 Business package, which gives you access to a MySQL database which you can use to install WordPress manually – then you have complete control over all aspects of your blog.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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