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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    I can’t reproduce this on several installs. Please check the options on edit post, that you have active the meta box. Maybe you have add a option in Adminimize or other plugin to remove this funtions. The theme supports the function?

    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have checked the options on edit post as well as in Adminimize, and I also have activated the ‘thumbnail’ (i.e., featured image meta box) in my theme.

    Prior to this update, the meta box was working and I’ve verified that on my production site. Maybe it’s a conflict with another plugin or theme element, but the immediate fix has been to disable Adminimize.

    Thanks for the support my friend.

    Im experiencing the same issue (WP 3.4.2).

    The featured image box isnt just hidden – its not being loaded into the DOM at all. The ‘Use as featured image’ link that displays in the Add photos popup box is also missing.

    When I disable Adminimize or roll back to 1.8.3 the featured image options all appear again, so Im certain it is the latest version of this plugin that is the cause (no other plugins have been updated in weeks, and the issue only arose when Adminimize was updated)

    Very nice plugin though, so will continue to use 1.8.3 if this cant be fixed

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Sorry, I have check again on different install from clients and other test szenarios. But I can’t find a problem. Also a diff from 1.8.3 to 1.8.4 don’t help me.

    Maybe you can check more and more. Can you replace the all files, step by step from 1.8.3 to 1.8.4 and find the problem. A other way is a admin access for me, but I will going offline for the next 5-6 weeks and aafter this time I will help, if I can.

    I just upgraded a WordPress network to 3.5.2 and subsequently lost the options entirely to Set Featured Image. I deactivated all plugins–I don’t use many …–and went through one-by-one see if a plugin was butting heads with something else, and the culprit in this case [for the first time ever] was Adminimize 1.8.4.

    Let me know what other info I can provide to help troubleshoot.

    OK, I have a similar issue, so there is something going on with Featured Images.

    I’m using a theme from Elegant Themes, and the Featured Image was visible in the editing screen, so my issue isn’t exactly the same as the one above. However the Featured Image option wasn’t showing up at all as an option in Adminimize, and I wanted to hide it, so I added it myself under the “Add your own page options ID or class”, and hid it from everyone but Administrator. I also added one of the other Elegant Themes specific boxes and hid it from all but Administrator too.

    But, I then decided I did want editors to be able to access Featured Image, so I unticked it for editor and updated the options – but every time I do so, it doesn’t actually save the change – even if I untick all the boxes for Featured Image, after I save, they are all ticked again (apart from Administrator, which was never ticked).

    The other extra option that I added myself works fine, if I untick the boxes for it, they stay unticked, so the problem definitely has something to do with Featured Images specifically.

    I am working on pages, not posts, as the site doesn’t have posts. Also, this is a new site, so I don’t know if the problem has anything to do with Adminimize versions or not.

    Don’t me to be an echo, but I’m having the same issues. WP ver: 3.5.2, Adminimize 1.8.4.

    I’ve removed ALL my settings in Adminimize, I deactivated and deleted the plugin. As soon as I download and activate the plugin, the “Featured Image” goes away.

    This is with no settings checked in Adminimize.

    Hope this helps.

    I’ve just tried rolling back to 1.8.3, and the problem is still there. And even after deinstalling options, and deactivating end removing the plugin, I can’t get the featured image to appear again for editors. (Yes it is ticked under Screen Options). There is something very wrong happening here.

    OK, the issue of Featured Image still being unavailable after deinstalling options and the plugin was a conflict with White Label CMS – I deactivated it, then activated again and things returned to normal.

    Once I’d managed to clear the settings out properly, I was able to start again and get my Featured Image back by not disabling it in the first place, but there’s definitely a problem happening as once I tick a box for the featured image, it’s impossible to untick it without completely clearing all your settings out and starting again. (That’s nothing to do with White Label CMS, as it still happens with that plugin disabled.)

    I’m having the same issue with 1.8.4. As soon as I deactivate Adminimize, the Featured Image metabox comes back.

    Another interesting thing is that (when activated) the checkbox for “Featured Image” doesn’t even appear in the “Screen Options”.

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