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  • Hi Simon,

    I’ve been using this great plugin for at least 6 months for a page to provide rehearsal tracks players for a chorus. It worked flawlessly across every device, OS and browser I could test it on. But then….

    I just upgraded to 1.8.3 (from 1.7.3?) and immediately had performance issues with the playlist player. Seemed to work fine in Chrome, but unpredictable performance in IE and Firefox, with the playlist sometimes not loading into the player, or if it did, clicking a song title would say “connecting” but never going beyond that.

    So, I just upgraded to 1.8.4, and now smooth again in the big 3 browsers on my PC, but very sluggish behavior and no sound on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1.3).

    Here’s the chorus site:
    Due to a licensing agreement, I’ll have to take this down in the next week or so since we are finished using it for the year.

    Same issues here with the single players:
    I’m going to downgrade mp3-jplayer on this site to 1.7.3 so that visitors don’t encounter problems.


    Update: Further experimentation with my iPhone shows it works fine in Chrome, but not in Safari: First track plays okay, but after switch tracks a couple times sound is gone. After that, no sound in Chrome unless I quit it and restart.

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  • Just downgraded mp3-jplayer 1.7.3 on this site and life is good again!

    Simom, your Demo also makes Safari on my iPhone freeze/go silent.

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    Hi Rod,

    with your initial update problem, please make sure you clear your browser cache before testing an update as the browser may not be pulling in all latest scripts. Eg if it’s not working in FF then maybe the swf file is cached locally (and still being used by the browser, which won’t work with latest js). Chrome would not have the same problem (as it doesn’t need the flash). In future I will rename the swf when it’s updated to stop this happening.

    Don’t downgrade! You will have problems. See the bottom of this thread for the reasons why:

    hmm..I don’t notice any sluggishness on iphone/safari, but there is something not quite right, for me tracks play and change ok but if i mess around with the sliders too much then the track sometimes stops or resets itself, or refuses to play unless it’s stopped and restarted. I will have a look at this and try figure something out if poss.

    If you find a repeatable way of getting it to fail/freeze in safari please let me know, it would be a help.

    Very easy to get it to freeze in Safari on iPhone. On your demo page in the player with Mexico, here’s all I have to do:
    Click on Mexico and it plays, then within a few seconds click another song, maybe two (it varies) before it appears slow to switch songs. When it finally switches, no sound.

    Just made it freeze 4 times in a row, each time I quit/restart Safari to get get it working again. I’ll try to post link for a video of this for you to see.

    I already downgraded to 1.7.3 on my site, and it seems to be working better. I don’t use playlists there, just the single players.

    Simon, here’s a video of what happens on my iPhone on your Demo page:

    You can see in the video that Mexico starts just fine, but when I click Racehorse it takes several seconds or more to switch songs, and when it does, there’s no sound.

    Sorry, my cat is crying in the background because he sees something outside the window!


    Plugin Author simon.ward


    yup, i just updated to ios 6.1.3 and now all is painfully slow (though the tracks do change and I don’t lose the sound). I’ll look into it.

    I still don’t advise using 1.7.3, it uses an old version of jplayer with known security issues. Might be better to find an alternative for now until i can fix this.

    OK, thanks Simon. I don’t have a good alternative. I’ll watch for a new version from you.


    Plugin Author simon.ward


    Thanks for doing the video Rod, i didn’t see that before.

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