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  • I installed the plugin, and set up to receive newsletters related to the plugin.
    First day, 256 emails. I said ok, they sent me some to catch up.
    second day 324
    Third day, in the first 12 hours, 183… And I’m only talking about the newsletters, on top of that, you have to add the emails that the plugin sends from the web to warn of problems.
    So, if you decide to install the program, be prepared to receive around 500 emails per day… enjoy it… not me
    if I try to cancel the newsletter? I sure did. but, they keep coming and coming and coming.
    If I tried to contact support? I sure did. and they told me that I could deactivate it from the control panel (which I had already done and explained in the email I sent them) and that the records did not appear as a paid user…

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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hey @digittalpi !

    Well that’s certainly not intentional! It sounds like something has gone majorly haywire for your specific email address. I just attempted to replicate a problem with several different email addresses on test sites, and I’m not 100% clear how to do it, so maybe that’s why I’ve had trouble so far. At most we would send three emails (counting the ones confirming you opted into the list) when you opt in.

    Also, I searched through our internal support notes but I can’t find any interaction that is what you are describing. That’s not saying it’s not there, just that I don’t see it in my searches. I searched for all sorts of things related to your username here, but found nothing.

    Rest assured, we have no intention of sending that many emails on a regular basis.

    I’d like to take this off of the forums here only because it’s going to take less back-and-forth to resolve your issue that way. Please reach out to and mention this review so that the team can forward your inquiry to me.


    Thread Starter digittalpi


    Here I leave a link to the screenshot of those last 12 hours

    I already talked to them
    Give me an email to which I can forward the original claim made by me to support.
    In that email are all the screenshots of the last 12 hours before uninstalling the plugin
    The plugin was installed in Spanish, where it says “boletin” it means “newsletter”
    I have no intention of using the plugin again. I’m not interested in talking to ithemes support

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    @digittalpi ah yes that clears things up. That’s an email sent by the plugin for sure, and not by our marketing team or anything.

    It’s a “Security Bulletin” that is sent to outline problems found on your site. Of course, something is going haywire and triggering that message over and over on your site, which explains the problem, but doesn’t isolate the cause. Usually those emails triggering incorrectly is a result of a process called “wp-cron” (that handles scheduled or background processes) malfunctioning.

    I’m the head of support for this plugin and happy to look into what’s going sideways, but it sounds like you don’t want to isolate it.

    If you change your mind, I’m happy to personally look into it. We take your feedback very seriously. Have a great weekend!

    Thread Starter digittalpi


    thanks but no thanks



    Without fixing the root cause of this issue, adding the line below to the wp-config.php file will (at least) limit the number of (Daily/Weekly) Security Digest emails to max 1 per day:

    define( 'ITSEC_NOTIFY_USE_CRON', true );

    Since this issue is quite common I thought I better mention this 😉

    Oh, one other thing. After adding the line above to the wp-config.php file you won’t find the scheduled notifications cron job listed in the iTSec Plugin Debug page since it’s not scheduled(named) like any of the other plugin cron jobs. So I guess there is some room for improvement here (consistency).

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