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  • 1.8 does not work. 1.7 works fine on my setup, has been for about a year. I’ve tested 1.8 on Firefox and IE and it won’t work with either. I’ve since reverted back to 1.7 and it’s working fine. It’s not a problem with the theme, I’ve checked that.

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  • I found the same problem. Upgraded to 1.8 and the plugin no longer works. I have version 1.7 if anyone needs it. Wonder if the new author checks the forum at all.

    Hey fellas,
    I just found a bug in 1.8 that only affects those who have WordPress files setup in a different directory than their site url. It’s fixed in 1.8.1. Does it work for you now?


    I just installed 1.8.1 and it doesn’t work on Cleaker 2.1 theme.

    1.7 works just fine though.

    Try 1.8.2. Let me know if that fixed it.

    My wordpress files, admin page, all of it are on the same URL.

    I’m not going to bother trying any updates. Version 1.7 works perfectly on my system and until there’s a new feature that I would find useful, I won’t update.

    Also broken with 1.8.2.

    StehlingSA’s got the right idea.

    I tried 1.8.2 and noticed:
    It didn’t work at all just after I upgraded the plugin.
    When I logged out, it suddenly began to show a pretty nice live preview.

    It seems live-comment-preview.js assumes author and email textfields in the comment form. My comment form omitted these fields because I logged in as admin, so the javascript didn’t work.
    I modified my custom theme to add author/email hidden fields so it works fine now. But I’d like to see this plugin working without such a trick.

    1.8.2 is not working for me either – and I am not courageous enough to try to modify something on my theme’s code. So, back to version 1.7. I’ll wait for a more automated version of these new features. Hope it is released soon!



    Could someone please provide a download link for the old 1.7 version please?



    Hi Zettt,

    Yes, you can find the link by visiting here.

    It lists all other versions, too, for those who’re looking for them. I hope this helps. Best wishes!



    Many thanks.
    Another user here was so kind to email me the old version in the meanwhile.



    I’m also having problems with getting this plugin (all versions) to work. I opened up the php file on the latest version (1.8.2) to have a look around and noticed it brings up some javascript file (live-preview-comment.js or similar) that is not in the folder. Is it supposed to be there?



    Unfortunately i got the same problem. Firebug throws out JS-Errors when typing. I temporarily disabled the plugin.

    Any solutions yet?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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