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[Resolved] Image Issues

  • eriknokc


    All my images are acting crazy. For some reason, the Sendpress plugin is not recognizing the html coding that I have set for width=”75%” on the images.

    Another issue are the social media icons. They are now stacked vertically, which looks really odd.

    I’ve stitched together 2 different sets of pieces of the newsletter to show the differences.

    Here in v1.7.7.7, you can see that the width stays the same all the way through because the plugin recognizes my 75% image width coding.


    Here in v1.7.7.17, you can see that the width changes for the content container only because the width of the 2 images is at 100%, and the plugin is not recognize my coding for the image width to be 75%. It appears just as awkward on a mobile device also. Plus, the social media icons at the bottom are stacked vertically.


    I installed just to be sure, and all the images and social media icons behaved correctly. I reinstalled and all the issues came back. I downgraded back to and everything is perfectly fine again. Just for fun, I installed and the issues with the images were there, but not the issues with the social media icons. So It appears that the responsive “fix” in .11 broke something with images, and .17 broke something with the social media icons.


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  • Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi eriknokc,

    We are looking into this now and will have a fix for it by tomorrow.




    I just updated to and the images and social media icons are now working properly. Thank you very much.

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