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  • Just look at the number of fixes since version 3.0 of WooCommerce was released: we’re now at 166(!), and counting, I suppose. What does that tell you? It is NOT thoroughly tested before public release. Oh well, not exactly surprising to be honest, previous ‘major’ releases were also full of bugs which needed to be fixed (read: reported by real life users).

    Come on Woo developers, you can do better than this (or, I hope you can…).

    I’ll wait till version 3.3 or something…

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Perhaps you’d prefer using software which does not get fixes or updates? No software is bug free -.-

    I perfectly understand software is not bug free, thank you very much.
    But this is about the AMOUNT of fixes since launch of v3.0.
    And that is far above what I consider ‘normal’. Which tells me – and I repeat – you have NOT thoroughly tested before public release.
    If you don’t agree with that, you are either in denial or just arrogant.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Testing is a community effort. If you want to change things, get involved. Testing went on for several months in total, as stated on the dev blog.

    Suggest you follow

    Please also note; just because something is labelled “Fix” in the changelog, it doesn’t mean there is a bug. Many of the changes have been hardening, protecting against conflicts, minor improvements and so on.

    And to be fair, what is normal? Many changelogs in software (IOS apps for example) have a single line: “Fixes and improvements” in changelogs. Does this mean less bugs? Impossible to say 🙂 At least we’re detailed. Thank you very much.

    You’re damn right @mikejolley

    my update strategy:
    i wait for the first sub versions 3.sub to be published.
    Then i get sure my theme is updated also.
    Best way to keep the shop running and the trouble low.

    think of the possibilities woocommerce is accessed or running on.
    php 5.6 – 7.1, apache, ngnix, different browser, …

    @mike you are doing a wonderfull job.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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