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1500 categories… delay in adding new ones

  • I’m using wordpress as a CMS. I’ve currently got 1500+ categories, and am in the process of adding more, hopefully up to around 10,000 or so. There are about 30ish categories, each having 30ish subcategories, and most of those have/will have more subcategories for a third level.

    When adding new sub-categories now, though I can see them immediately in phpmyadmin, there is a delay in them showing up in the wordpress admin ui and/or the website itself. Sometimes it takes five minutes, sometimes hours, and then all of a sudden the new categories will appear in the wordpress admin interface.
    I have the latest version of wordpress, apache, mysql, and php. I’ve disabled all plugins, but to no avail.
    Please help.

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  • For instance, the categories I added last night, 50+ didn’t show up until late this morning. I don’t understand, since they show up in mysql immediately, shouldn’t they also show up in the admin->manage->categories interface immediately also? I can either do a command line sql query or just use phpmyadmin and they are there immediately after adding them.

    I too have over 1000 categories and WordPress just can’t handle it. It’s obviously doing too much work looping when loading categories in the admin interface for it to list more than a couple of hundred.

    I think the answer to this is: WordPress can’t handle loads of pages or categories, only posts.

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