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  • Hoped I wouldn’t have to start documenting my awful experience so others can read about it, but when I start to wonder if I’ve actually been scammed, I know something is up!

    On the 15th August I came across the W3 Edge web site and contacted them about helping me out with my W3TC settings. Within an hour or so Willie Jackson (Frederick Townes also copied in on ALL emails) from W3 Edge got in touch with me assuring me they could help and I had come to the right place. All I had to do was give them $150 and they would ‘professionally’ configure W3TC on my wordpress web site for me.

    I thought it was a lot of money, but I was having serious problems getting W3TC to work correctly, I was at my wits end so decided to take the plunge and seek this professional help.

    3 days after placing my order (18th August) I received an email from Willie informing me that all my credentials had been confirmed and ‘work has been scheduled. Turnaround time is currently one week, but we try to complete projects ahead of schedule…’ Great I thought, probably in less than a week from then my W3TC site settings would be configured by someone who knew what they were doing and my site would finally be super fast! Or at least ‘faster’ then it was..

    Things sadly took a downhill turn from this point.

    Fast forward 8 days and no work had taken place on my site and I had received zero updates from either Willie or Frederick. So I fired off a quick email simply asking for an update. Not too much to ask for.

    However I didn’t receive a reply to this email so 5 days later, that’s right 5 days, and now 13 days since I was told work would be completed within a week I thought I would ask the question again. But still no reply, no update, nothing.

    So the following day I contacted Frederick directly. Who also failed to reply to me.

    Good customer service this eh?

    I then started to experience problems with my web site, out of the blue images stopped loading. When I questioned Willie/Frederick about this, and the possibility it had been caused by them ‘maybe’ starting work on my site I was told it wasn’t anything to do with them and they couldn’t replicate the error I was experiencing.

    Fair enough I looked into it myself, I fired off a few emails to them with screenshots of the problem I was experiencing but never received a reply again about this. Not a problem, I found it to be an error with MaxCDN.

    You’d of thought they’d be interested in the status of a paying customers web site, especially as surely they were planning to do some work on my site at some point?

    After another 7 days passed (Now the 3rd September and 19 days after paying $150) I emailed Willie/Frederick informing them, if they were interested, that I had sorted the error that I could see my end, and again asked when, if, maybe, one day, would work ever start on my web site?

    I actually received a reply from Willie telling me that ‘Of course we’re interested, the work was on old until the issue was resolved.’ He also said in his email ‘Happy to get you closed out today.’ Great I thought! By the end of the day work would start/be completed on my site, finally!

    2 days pass and still no work started on my site, ask Willie for an update, but no reply as usual.

    Another 4 days pass, which brings us up to yesterday (8th September) and still no work has taken place, still no updates from anyone at W3 Edge, absolutely nothing.

    I even send Willie Jackson a tweet last night asking him what’s going on, yet receive no reply. The guy’s active on there, has over 37k tweets!

    This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that the paid for service from W3 Edge, the $150 fee they charge to ‘professionally’ configure the W3TC settings on your web site must be a scam, it has to be, who else runs a legit company/service in this way? No one does.

    Not sure what I hope to achieve through this post, anyone else experienced anything similar?

    Maybe I live in hope that posting this on the plug-in support page will make others think twice before parting with their money for this service, maybe, just maybe they’ll actually go ahead and complete the work they promised to complete a LONG time ago!

    ***I did post this on the plug-in support page, but it was removed as i’m not allowed to air my grievances there!! :S***

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