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  • What I’d like to do: Assign custom title content for a Page link, other than it just echoing its own title name.

    The Wiki page on the wp_list_pages tells of whether or not to put it inside of a list item or to title the list at the top.

    But there is no comparable parameter as in the list_cats to list some descriptive text for the title (for that it’s true/false).

    Then again, being able to futz with title attributes may not exactly be what I want (now that the site I’m working on will use lots of static Pages, which aren’t categories).

    What I’d like to do, ultimately:
    Adapt Eric Meyer’s Pure CSS Popups for a navigation menu in a WordPress site. (go ahead, take a look at it. the rest of this post will make a lot more sense.)

    Back in the pre 1.5 day, when hack after hack of nav menus for “static” pages used categories and the like, the category_description was a good snippet to use to echo into the space for the pop-up text. (not that I’ve done it, mind you. But I solved the problem in my head.)

    So now I’m changing the direction for the site using 1.5 with its built-in Pages capability.

    For my tests thus far, I’ve created a custom field (I call it mini_page_description). Its content sorta takes the place of category description. Have just downloaded the plugin Get Custom Field Values.

    Next up is figuring how to twiddle with it to display the custom field text in some appointed area when mousing over the link for that page.

    For that matter, can I supress the display of the title attribute of the link?

    Any ideas for how I can do this?

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  • If this is the code example of both the link and the extra stuff that’s displayed in hover state:
    <a href="">Links<span>A collection of things which interest me, and might interest you</span></a>

    I’d like to put this in here:
    <a href="{pagelink}">{PageLinkTitle}<span>{echo contents of 'mini_page_description' here}</span></a>

    {pagelink} is the URI for the page
    {PageLinkTitle} is the Title for the Page
    {echo contents...} is where I’d use Get Custom Field Values in order to echo the custom field’s contents here.


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