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  • After executing the updtate from 1.2.2 to 1.5 my comments are not showing up.

    I followed Podz’ upgrade instructions to the letter (three times)
    And have compared my original files to the default files and don’t see what’s wrong.

    I was using WP 1.2 and Kubrick 1.2.6 where all the files (header, sidebar, single are combined on the index.php)

    When i switch to the 1.5 defaul theme, my comments are fine.

    When i compare my index.php to the “single.php” template, everything seems to be the same.

    Yet the comments are not there.

    here’s a link to the blog

    has anyone else’s comments disappeared after updating to 1.5 from a 1.2 kubrick install?

    something in the conditionals of kubrick 1.2.x i believe, but i just can’t see an error, so i don’t know what to fix.


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  • Yeah, I had a comment issue myself. If your wp-comments is tweaked in anyway, just take the comments.php from the classic theme and add in the tweaked stuff and drop that into your theme. I’m having trouble linking to your site (my ISP is hating on me I think), but anyway, just look very closely at your comments template and make sure it has the necessary code in there to display the form and comments.

    I replaced my comments.php and popup.php with the files from the “default” theme, and then reapplied my personalized changes and it’s working just fine now.

    I took the comments from the Default and tweaked it, but nothing is changing when I reload and change around my style. How do i change my comments using themes?

    I’ve seen a number of posts here about comments-related issues being solved by replacing “comments.php” and “comments-popup.php”. I’ve tried this, and still no luck; comments don’t appear and can’t be posted. I’m also no longer seeing the “edit” link on posts that I’ve written. Is it possible there’s an .htaccess issue?

    I’ve done some mucking around with my templates, and at least have popup comments working. To get that to happen, I had to include <?php comments_popup_script(); ?> on my main template.

    HOWEVER: I still can’t get comments to display correctly on archive pages. I’ve pasted the comment template directly onto the page (yes, naughty, naughty), and now get the “Leave a Reply” box but none of the comments display; it looks to me like the array $comments that should be getting filled by the comment functions — isn’t.

    I’m having the exact same problem. And I’m morally against putting comments anywhere but permalink pages. 😉

    Any progress on figuring this problem out?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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