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  • Anybody else having the same problem?

    I’ve tried out certain smilies like :P, :), and 😀 but they don’t work. And for some reason, certain ones like 😛 shows up (as a 😛 smiley but I don’t know if that’s what it’s supposed to be…)

    How do I fix this?

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Tried it out and it doesn’t seem to work. 🙁
    I uploaded it in binary and everything. It seems that only 😀 works…

    Well, I’ve “solved” the problem.

    You can’t make a smiley as the first thing on a new line. Before you make a smiley, there has to be text before it. :-/

    It won’t work if it is the first on the line because some of the definitions in vars.php are prefixed with a space. You can alter this behaviour in your wp-config file — just add an array of smileys and their associated icons, without the spaces in front of the emoticons.

    Somewhere above the line that says ‘Stop editing,’ put the following:

    // smiley array

    $wpsmiliestrans = array (
    ":D" => "grinny.gif",
    ":-D" => "grinny.gif",
    ":grin:" => "grinny.gif",
    ":)" => "smiley.gif",
    ":-)" => "smiley.gif",
    ":smile:" => "smiley.gif",
    // (keep adding smileys to suit)
    ":mrgreen:" => "icon_mrgreen.gif",

    Note the lack of spaces in front.

    You can copy the array from vars.php and remove those spaces if you need to remember which phrase triggers each icon. It’s easier than editing vars.php, cause that will get overwritten next time you apply an upgrade.

    (ETA: this at least worked fine for me; if it buggers things for you, I apologise.)

    Thanks for the help! 😀

    The next time I upgrade, I’ll just edit the vars.php file again. It’s easier to do that for me. 😛

    You’re welcome!

    i have some problems with my smilies, here’s my blog:

    as u can see from some of my posts, some of the smilies display weirdly.. i get this “ops:’ class=’wp-smiley’ />” after some of them…

    any idea why?

    many thanks in advance

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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