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[1.5 REQ] Theme Editor Create .php File Function

  • Is it possible to create a clickable link in the Admin Panel for the Theme Editor to create a .php file when a new template file is required, so theme administration and modification can be handled with the admin panel alone without having to create a file and upload via ftp?

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  • hear, hear!

    Got a request from one of my clients for this feature just today (5 minutes ago, actually). I want to minimize my involvement.

    You may be able to use WP’s upload feature to accomplish that. It depends on your server’s permissions. I did it all the time when I had a plain hosting account.

    Now, with a virtual server, my permissions have been set up with greater security: a file uploaded via WordPress does not run with all of the permissions of a file uploaded via FTP. The result is that I can have two files containing identical code, in the same directory, and one won’t be allowed to do things like opendir() while the other works fine.

    Good idea, and a good suggestion for my first stab at writing a plugin. I’m not finished yet, but I thought I would throw it out tonight. The idea is that it adds a Themes page. On that page, you can create an new file, upload a file, or delete a file.

    Upload is not yet implemented because I have not figured out how to do it yet.

    Also, the page is out of date after creating or deleting a file.

    These problems are easy to fix, but it’s waaay past my bedtime. I’ll work on version 0.02 soon.

    The plugin is at wp-plugins.net, under Themes, Styles, and Decoration. You can also go straight to my web site: http://tempest-sw.com/wp.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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