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  • My wordpress installation (i think) keeps sending me emails with the subject “fifteen minute reminder!” and with the text “This is your fifteen minute reminder!”. Thats it. Nothing else.

    I do not remember setting anything up like this in the admin panel. Has anyone seen this behaviour before?


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  • That’s not part of wordpress itself. Perhaps a plugin? What makes you think it’s coming from wordpress?

    The only plugin that it might be is WP-Cron, but I cannot access an admin panel for it, so I cant be sure. This is what made me believe it was WP doing the mailing, beacuse I hadnt set any plugins to mail me with reminders.

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    WP-Cron comes with an example plugin called “WP-Cron Reminder”. Deactivate that plugin.

    As a matter of fact, WP-Cron comes with several plugins, most of which you are probably not using. They should be deactivated if you’re not actually using them. The only required one is the main WP-Cron itself.

    Thanks. After I posted i decided to check out the descriptions on the plugins page.

    Look what happens when you actuall read!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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