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    Is anyone else having trouble with “Incoming Links” in the Dashboard? Once I upgraded to v1.5 Strayhorn, I saw the “Incoming Links” area of the Dashboard, but I haven’t seen it since for about a day. Any thoughts?

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    I believe that it’s either an error on Technorati’s end, or WP is set to only display new links of a certain age. I haven’t spent enough time to find out which one it is, but it is not a WordPress bug.



    Well my links are all fresh, so it can’t be that. If its a bug at technorati, you’d think there would be other complaints. Are you still having the problem?



    Sometimes I see, sometimes I don’t.
    And then the links don’t get refreshed. Looks like the implementation is doing some heavy duty caching, again without my permission. As far as I am concerned I don’t mind seeing the freshest links all the time from technorati 😉

    So do you think I should modify the DashBoard hack to override the default implementation 🙂



    Funny thing is, I don’t care much in day-to-day about the technorati thing..if I really want to see whos linking me, I can go right to their site. I guess it’s more the principle of the thing..I hate when things don’t work as they should, even if I don’t explicitely need it 🙂

    Heh..I was thinking to load that dashboard hack…but some of those links prove quite useful…oh, the conflict.



    I ahve this problem to, I have 3 blogs, but only works on one of them.



    If you like some feeds I would suggest use a feed aggregator like newzcrawler or feeddemon etc.

    They provide much better user experience than a Dashboard which takes eons to load.

    Check out the user experience to the hack I mentioned above to see what others feel about this issue.

    My incoming links have just disapeared as well… But when I go to the Techorati site directly my site is linked from 18 sites…

    Any further ideas for a fix?


    This isn’t a problem in WordPress, and really the bug report was unnecessary. Like someone else said earlier, it really depends on if the technorati feeds are showing or not at the time that you visit your admin. Sometimes, the technorati feeds may be down, so instead of showing ugly errors WP just hides it since there’s nothing to display.

    Thanks Masquerade for replying.

    What do you suggest if your feeds havent showed up in weeks, but when you go to your technorati page you see all the links there?

    Seems like something isn’t connecting right regardless of whose fault it is.


    Talk to your host, see if maybe something with outgoing connections is blocked.

    stupid safari double posted. Lesson? use Firefox.
    A mod can delete this

    I talked to my Hosting company and they said that no connection was blocked.

    Thanks Masquerade for your patience.

    Just to add fuel to the fire…
    My incoming links disappeared about the same time as the others. Technorati still shows the links but not the dashboard.

    I don’t think this is a problem with technorati or with our hosts, it looks like a problem (a minor one) with WordPress.

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    Just to update my end of this thread, the incoming links seem to disappear when there have been no new incoming links for a certain period of time. They seem to re-appear for me as soon as I get a new link.

    To get the API key, go here.

    Macmanx, I tried creating a trackback ping via this, but it didn’t show up in Technorati and it didn’t update my incoming links. :-/

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