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  • I have just experienced what may be a ‘bug’ in 1.5 … has anyone else seen this?

    We have a group blog …

    It isn’t actually defaulting ‘all’ users to one person’s account … but it is happening to at least 2 of the 6 contributors.

    Thankfully the ‘change author’ dropdown function in the “Advanced” section saves the day.

    But, isn’t WordPress supposed to automatically choose the logged in author in that list?

    I did not experience this problem in 1.2.x

    Thank you.

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  • OK, to explain a little further …

    User A logs in … they write a post … the publish post …

    The blog does not automatically ascribe the post to the logged in user, rather it shows on the blog as the top user in the dropdown list … the original – first – user.

    In previous blogs this never happened. Each user logged in and posted using their accounts and all posts showed up on the blog as belonging to, coming from, that user.

    Any ideas as to what is causing this?

    Has anyone else experienced this?


    bump … does anyone recognize this problem? any ideas of other terms phrases to search for?

    I just upgraded to 1.5 and my primary user has the same problem. Although they are logged in, the posts are defaulting to my account. Worse, when they try to save or publish, WordPress complains that they don’t have permission (obviously as they are the wrong user), and they lose their work.

    The problem may be related to this bug report:

    thank you

    This seems to be the answer to the problem and DWC at the link above has posted a patch and instructions for editing the file – edit-form-advanced.php – in order to fix the bug.

    Thank you to all.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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