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  • Hi!

    In 1.5 after editing options the following message appears:
    “The requested URL /wordpress/wp-admin/updated=true was not found on this server.”

    Where’s the mistake? It shoud be “/wordpress/wp-admin/options-general.php?updated=true”, shouldn’t it?


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  • I got the same problem. When I manually edit the url bar to:
    then it saves the options.

    I’m still trying to locate the exact bug.

    Well, I can’t replicate it.

    But, just re-download ’cause I heard that the package has been replaced at least once to fix some bugs.

    Also, delete and re-upload, instead of overwriting, sometimes works better. Remember to save modified files.

    Actually, I’ve found the issue. It’s not the code, it’s this damn Norton firewall at work! I’ve had this before, and I think a lot of other people with firewalls such as Norton will have this too.

    It has to do with the request by the script for the HTTP_REFERER being blocked by the firewall. Since the options.php script can’t find HTTP_REFERER when it reloads, it just attaches the arguments to the end of the base url and doesn’t have the refering script such as options-general.php, options-writing.php, options-reading.php, options-discussion.php, and options-misc.php

    Refering back to the original script happens around: lines 84-87 of wp-admin/options.php. Is there a workaround? I know there is some way to change the settings in some firewall programs to explicitly allow some URLs to make such requests, but this seems like a lot of work and possibly confusing for newbies.

    I also found the issue with switching themes under Presentation (in Admin). It asks for me to allow referers when my firewall is on.

    Other than setting up the firewall, I believe there’s no workaround for this. Thanks for posting back the solution.
    Some insight

    Actually I found a workaround.

    Find the line saying:
    header(‘Location: ‘ . $goback);

    and change it to
    header(‘Location: index.php’);

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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