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    I got a client who would like to move all current 15 sites under one main domain as subfolders maindomain/project2 etc 15x. and redirect current separate domains to those subfolders. All sites using different themes and have 3 languages (using wpml). So.. first I’m thinking is is “healthy” to have so many different installs under one domain? Can it make the whole thing very slow? Is it likely to get some conflicts? I also found suggestions to do multisite but would it work if I have also multilingual sites? Any suggestions are welcome what you think how would be the best way to do it?
    Thank you!

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  • Hi

    It’s good to go with WP multisite option here you can have separate Dashboard for each site.
    I have used WP multisite for Multilingual sites also it works great.
    I have used WMPL, WP Globus earlier and I suggest it is better to use WP multisite.
    Why rely on plugins when WordPress itself giving you the Great Feature like multisite.

    Thank you
    Praveen Valmiki

    Thank you @vpraveen60 for a quick response! Their main site has been already set up and running for years as a single site, can I just change it to multisite or I shall create first new wp install as multisite and copy it there?

    If you are more bothered about SEO then use the same Site for Multisite.

    If you have a new design for the site then go with a new wp installation and theme which goes with your requirement but you may lose the SEO ranking.

    There’s no need to set up a Network unless you really want to. The stes will work just fine in different sub-folders. Remember that when the sites are set up in a Netowrk they are a lot harder to extract back out later on if that’s ever needed. As they are all stand-alone sites now, there’s really not many good reasons to try and consolidate them at this stage.

    We do this with a lot of development work, and so far we’ve had 12 sites running at the sme time on the same domain and in subfolders like you’re planning.

    The only thing that might affect it is the server load, so if one or more of the sites gets a lot of traffic it might load the server up. If that happens you’ll just need to increase theserver resources, so talk to you rhosting company.

    Thank you for your helpful answers!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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