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  • I had various upgrade problems last night which have mostly been fixed. My comments.php file brought in from 1.3 did not work, and I replaced it using one which podz kindly sent me.

    However, first my commenters emailed me to say that they were unable to comment at all. After supplying their name and email they were taken to an error screen saying they had to fill in their name and email.

    I unchecked the options/discussion box asking for name and email and commenting became possible.

    I unchecked the box asking for first time comments to be moderated as all comments seemed to be going into moderation.

    The problem now is that all comments appear as ‘anonymous’ with a email address and no web address.

    I am planning to drop the default template comments.php into my template folder tonight and play with it, but in the meantime, does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this?

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  • Can I just add that in the authors/users admin screen it is a little odd.

    Apart from ID N° 1 – me – with level 10 access, there is another line, with my name, as email address and level 1 access, with 66 of my posts attributed to it, and a fourth ID which is blank, email address again and level 1 access.

    When my commenters fill in their name and send the comment they tell me that it appears to refresh their details to Anonymous, and then send it. Which matches this mysterious fourth profile. I note these profiles can be edited but not deleted. How can I make the phantom ones go away? Will this help my commenting problem in any way?

    Now I’ve really gone and made a mess. I took the phantom authors status down to 0, they then appeared as users. I deleted them. The total number of posts on my dashboard has now gone down. This corresponded to the ones I imported from blogger pre September 2004. Does this mean that I have permanently deleted some old posts?


    And, yes, I did back up my SQL database, but I wouldn’ t have the first idea of how to restore it.

    I am seriously wishing I had NEVER got started on this upgrade.

    Is anybody out there?

    Ok so to anyone having a similar problem: the problem was my wp-comments.php file which was pretty old (1.2) and no longer compatible with 1.5.

    Using a more recent comments.php sorted the various problems out.

    And of course my database had to be deleted and the backup copy uploaded to put back what I had wiped off..

    Thank you Podz!

    I am having the exact same problem –
    commenters leave their name/email, but when the comment is posted it posts as “anonymous” and the email defaults to

    I have tried replacing my comments.php file with the version that comes with the upgrade with no luck. I’ve switched themes, downloaded new themes, tried every combination of settings in admin all with no luck.

    Anyone else with the same problem? Better yet, can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks so much…

    that’s me, too. Same exact problem with ppl complaining that they can’t comment… then, I unchecked everything and now ppl show up as Anonymous. Having a bit of trouble with the 1.5 upgrade. hmmm…

    Yep, me too. All the boxes under Options/Discussion/”Before a comment appears” are unchecked, and the thing for registering is unchecked.

    Some of my comments come through with name/email/url but others do not. I just upgraded to 1.5 last night and didn’t expect this, so I raised hell on a troll for being “anonymous” today… LOL

    Someone help us! :-O

    I think I fixed my problem…

    I actually did 2 different things, and I’m not sure which one fixed
    it…but here’s what I did:

    One of the earlier posts in the forum by PA mentioned that he had an extra author/user under the admin screen with an email address of “” and a level 1 access. I also had that, so I changed the access level to 0, then deleted the user. He had an issue where he lost posts, but that didn’t happen to me. (I think he deleted more than one user…I just deleted the one with the email).

    That actually seemed to solve the problem, but just for good measure, I found someone else who had fixed the same problem and emailed him. He directed me to this post at
    In the comments section, Lea posted a fix (there are actually two entries with her fix, so make sure you read through all the comments…)

    Hope that helps…

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