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  • I’ve got this plugin working fine EXCEPT… when clicking on the full photo, it doesn’t take me back to the post. I can tell what the problem is, but have no idea how to fix it. Here’s what I’ve found:

    In 1.5, a post page might be:

    When clicking on the full photo to go back to the entry page, I get:

    It looks like the wp-photo needs changed to link to the new format (…com/?p=xxx and not …com/index.phppxxx), but where and/ or how to do that is beyond my scope of understanding. Anyone care to help? Thanks!

    You can see a ‘real’ example at: my site and click on one of the photo thumbnails. When it loads the full image, click on the picture and you’ll see the error.

    It’s always difficult to explain this stuff well, so I hope I’ve made sense. If not, let me know what I left out. Thanks again.

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  • Is Alex on here? Just wanted to bring this up again since no one posted. Thanks.

    sir have you tried using another gallery software?

    Looks like the following variables have been depreciated in Wp 1.5:

    $querystring_start, $querystring_equal, $querystring_separator

    I guess we can just hardcode them for now. Look for line 170 in file: wp-photos.hack.php and change it to look like this:

    $url = $siteurl.'/'.$blogfilename.'?p='.$this->post_ID.'&c=1';

    spikeyslam- I appreciate the help! Can you help me a bit by telling me what’s on line 170 that I’m changing? I don’t have a wp-photos.hack.php. Did you mean the plugin file: wp-photos.php?

    Thanks again!

    Whoops. That was for WP-Photos 1.0… The same problem apply for WP-Photos 1.5 on Line 184 in wp-photos.php

    Basically we’re replacing $querystring_start with “?” $querystring_equal with “=” and $querystring_separator with “&” since they’re no longer have any value. That’s why you were getting: instead of


    I have WPhoto and I can´t see the “ADD” button on my admin page. How did you get that? 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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