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  • I posted this problem to the support area for the plugin at issue but have heard nothing after 3 weeks. Figured I’d try here in case the problem can be solved from this end.

    Issue is with p2-check-in. The widget had been working properly, showing who is checked in to the site. It included a button in the header area that allowed users to check in and check out. When P2 was upgraded to 1.4.3, the button in the header area disappeared. Those users checked in still show up in the side bar area as before, but of course, can’t be shown as ‘checked out’ because the button is non-existent and can’t be pushed!

    This is the plugin:

    I could abandon it completely, but it was serving a useful purpose for me…

    Any easy fix, or can we determine whether the problem should be attributed to the P2 or the plugin?

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    If the plugin author didn’t help, then I don’t think we’re going to do much better. It sounds like the plugin is no longer compatible with the latest version of P2. You could try checking your site’s error logs for clues but it would be a long shot as to whether it was easily fixable.

    Thanks for the quick response. I thought I’d try posting here after watching an exchange of messages relating to Commons in a Box and a problem with the header after an upgrade of the built in theme. It made me wonder whether the clunk was caused by an incorrect bit of code in the P2 theme, or an incorrect way of putting the button in the header in the first place (by the plug-in). i.e., was the button a kludge from the start, or did the theme move the goalposts?

    In my crude way of understanding themes and plug-ins, I thought things were pretty much modular. There’s a place for titles, menus etc. So if the button won’t go into the header now, it’s because the shape of the hole changed, or the peg was never the right shape to start with but pretended to be… if you see what I mean! 🙂



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    In my crude way of understanding themes and plug-ins, I thought things were pretty much modular.

    They are but like every system where you’re introducing 3rd party add-ons, there’s always room for potential conflicts & incompatibilities. I’ve not used this plugin myself and my experience with P2 is limited (to say the least) but, based on what you described and taking onto account that the plugin hasn’t been updated since July 2012 whilst P2 was only updated 3 weeks ago, I think that the last P2 update changed the internal code of the theme in such a way that it broke the plugin. For example, it looks like all of the script calls where changed to callbacks – which could impact some plugins.

    Was the plugin working with P2 version 1.4.2?

    Yes, it was working with 1.4.2, assuming that was the default download version for a month or two before 1.4.3 arrived (which from the development log appears to be the case).

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