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  1. Hard to believe it's been three years since my 7 Days of Plugins. Then it was in celebration of WordPress 1.5.

    Seven days of at least one new plugin a day AND the update of at least one of my existing plugins a day (at the end of the seven days, all of my existing plugins will have been updated). Expect more than just seven new plugins though.

    Why not do it again for WordPress 2.5? And why not up the ante?

    So I'm announcing 14 Days of Plugins (the link goes to the announcement post on my blog). Same criteria as before, except twice as long and more than twice as many plugins! That's just about three dozen plugins scheduled to be released or updated within the span of two weeks.

    Due to various snafus, I'm a bit late actually announcing it here on the forums. Today is actually Day 5.

    I'll reply here with links to each new/updated plugin as they happen.

  2. Just a wrap-up to the 14 Days of Plugins... new and updated plugins since my last update here:

    New Plugins

    Updated Plugins

    So I successfully accomplished my goal of releasing 14 new plugins and updating my existing 20 plugins, all within 14 days. And I even threw in 7 bonus new plugins shortly thereafter.

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