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  • Hi Kaspars, sorry to report my installation is not functioning as it should! I’m using Portfolio Press theme + have several plugins running which could be conflicting but not W3 Cache or minify JS. I am using Fancybox & cloud-zoom for images though.

    I can get tabbed widgets to show, but it currently shows all hidden content & does not have any ability to close. Whether I try using either tabs or accordion there’s no difference. Feels like a jQuery conflict or possibly a clear:both problem with the theme.

    Any suggestions on how to look for conflicts?

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  • ..just as an update; I first tried placing simple text concept widgets within the tabbed widget – ie: Text, Meta & Archive thinking maybe the social media ones I had originally used were complicating things. No change though; content shows but always expanded with no way to collapse or tab.

    Then I thought I’d remove all widgets from Invisible Widget Area to see which would still be available within Tabbed Widget & they were ALL still there! Surely there should then be none available?

    Obviously, Tabbed Widget has some conflict going on somewhere with another feature/plugin which uses the jQuery library. I did find a post elsewhere which kind of explains this in relation to their specific tabbed solution:
    scroll down to ‘build your own tabbed sidebar using jQuery’ entry. Only problem is, I’m not clued up on Javascript enough to remedy but thought it may make sense to one of the gurus on here..

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