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  • Is there any timeline for 1.3 ? (even a ballpark estimate) I’m just curiuos when a beta might available to play with.

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  • Well, I believe you can always download the CVS version (that is the latest version available) however, since it is still in development, there might be a bug or two (or more, I don’t know, haven’t played with it). However, I do agree it would be nice to know if there is a timeline. A lot of open source projects have a “it’s done when it’s done” release policy. Others release a stable release every set time period (say 6 months, or maybe a year) and whatever features aren’t 100% stable are excluded. I’m not sure which the wordpress team do, I guess I should sign up for a few mailing lists here to track the general pulse of development.

    Yeah I know about CVS, but I’m interested in a packaged release that’s easier to download and a bit more stable. It seems like in the past there has been more communication on the dev blog about upcoming versions, features, etc.

    I agree. Look we know this is not a corporation and you work on this at your own pace. But it sounds like there are significant changes in 1.3 and some of us don’t have time to monitor the beta list to get a pulse on how close a beta or offical release may be.
    Just be a bit more revealing about where it’s at. If its extremely likely to be release by Thamksgiving, or it highly unlike until 2005 those cause major differences in decision making. But they are both answered typically with “real soon”.
    Not trying to be critical but the communication level needs to be a bit clearer.

    How’s this for clear – stop asking when it will be released. It will be done when it is done, ‘nuf said? The communication can’t be clearer – you just don’t like the answer 😉

    A beta will be released once the features are set. A full release will be ready once it’s done.
    It’d be nice to get a clear date… but hey, we can’t have everything 🙂 Honestly – 1.3a4 is very stable. I’ve had very little problems with it. If you’re itching for the new features just use it. That’s my personal reccomendation.

    My 2 cents
    Been a open spource free software it’s perfectly understandable that releases dates are not regular as a swiss watch tic-tac.
    On the other hand 1.3 alpha4 works perfectly well and PHP/MySql are easy enough to allow someone to backup the databse, test alpha4 and decide if he/she keeps it or step back to 1.2
    This said, IMHO the problem with the long awaited 1.3 is not a functional problem but a design one.
    The new theme system involves modifying several files and each time the version is uptaded the theme must be updated (this was not the case with 1.2 where a theme could be only a single cs file), the consequence is a real lack of 1.3 design.
    Perhaps it would be good to define a point in the middle of the road to 1.3 final where the message “ok guys you can start to move” would be sent to encourage people to write themes for 1.3.

    ryan boren has ported kubrick to 1.3 and root has done the same for gemini, so that’s not the issue. the actual issue is that matt has a new job and is busy moving cities at the moment, which makes things kind of hard to put a timescale on. what makes you think the devs have any more idea when 1.3 will be done than the rest of us? 😉

    I’m a new user and 1.3a4 is stable from what I can see.

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    Here is what we’re trying to get into 1.3. Once Matt gets situated, we need to decide what needs to be punted and drive 1.3 into beta cycle. I don’t give estimates. People hold you to your estimates and act like you slept with their spouse and ran over their dog when you don’t meet that estimate. 😉
    The theming in 1.3 is completely optional. You can keep on doing what you’re doing. If you do create a theme, it can be one template or multiple templates. It can also be a solitary css that works with another template. The theme does not need to be updated each time WordPress is updated.

    If the rest of 1.3 is half as good as what’s already in the nightlies, it’ll be well worth the wait, no matter how long it takes.
    And, yeah, if you’re impatient then use the alpha. It’s at your own risk and all that folderol, but I don’t think many of us are doing rocket surgery here. Live dangerously.

    That was me. I wish the was a warning when I do that.

    I’m interested in any speculative date as well. Of course, I’m only wondering one thing:
    Will we see 1.3 stable in 2004?
    I guess this is a little bit selfish considering I’ll have time over the holidays to delve into my WP builds more directly. But it would be nice to know at least the *year* they’re shooting for. 🙂

    Well, I didn’t mean stable in terms of the individual builds. I meant the equivalent of a 1.2.1 Mingus build. I edit a lot of core WP files for each setup, and constantly updating individual files for each CVS builds is a MAJOR hassle.
    Any word on 2004/2005?

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    And on the day 1.3 is released, we’ll have someone here asking for 1.4 … gah!

    What’s wrong with the alpha anyways. I’m using it just fine.

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