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  • If you didn’t get a response, then it’s probably because nobody understood your question. In looking at it now, I have no idea what the heck your question was even asking in the first place. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Also, when you reply to your own posts, then your post drops out of the “No Replies” list, which is where a lot of people look for unanswered questions. Meaning that probably nobody saw your post.

    Finally, 13 hours is not a long time to wait. If you need immediate responses, then perhaps you should consider asking somewhere else than a free forum.

    Well thank you Otto. This is what happened. I tried to explain that when i go to my twenty eleven webpage and go to settings and then general and then scroll down to my email it has a www in front of it. But when I typed into my thread here, asking the question, it automatically put a http:// in front of the example I was trying to use, so I tried to explain that the computer here at wordpress forum put the http:// in front of the www and I did not, because my question is still the same:

    Is my email that I created under my domain name supposed to have a www in front of it? (i hope it does not add anything that I did not type like last time)
    Sorry for the trouble, I still have not moved on my site for 13 hours.

    Even reading your response now, I still don’t entirely understand the question or just what the heck you’re talking about.

    Does your email address actually start with www? If so, then yes, it should probably have that. If not, then it shouldn’t. The email address is what it is, that’s not really related to WordPress at all. You can set the email address to whatever you want: WordPress doesn’t create the email address for you and it doesn’t care what it is set to. That is up to you to make sure you put the correct email address in that field.

    The forums here will indeed add an http in front of such a post and linkify it, but that’s not really relevant to the question. That’s just for convenience when people post links to their sites and such.

    My site is I set up an email that is but for some reason on my website when I am logged in on the wp dashboard as an admin to my site and click on settings and then I click on genereal… it tells me what general settings tells me. And it tells me my email is I am worried that if when I set up a blog or a post or an email me plugin that something will get screwed up. I have never ever ever seen an email that began with www

    Please help, if you need more explanation I will try. I am really not trying to use my damn website name here just to explain stuff. I would just like some help with this most simple of questions.

    OK it just did it again. Iam not typing http:// its typing it for me my email does not read htttp:// it reads from
    my site is w w w t r e e b e n d e r c o m
    my email from wp dashboard/settings/general reads

    w w w t r e e b eder@t re e be n d e r . c o m

    should the www be there? or did I do something to make it show up. Why is w w w in front of an email? I am just going to send an email to myself using the w w w in the front and see what happens.

    here is copy paste from my general settings page and I am capatilizing (though i have read the rules and understand not to, iam capitalizing for clarity

    General Settings
    Site Title

    In a few words, explain what this site is about.
    WordPress Address (URL)
    Site Address (URL)

    Enter the address here if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.

    E-mail Address

    RIGHT HERE MY EMAIL READ w w w infrontoftreebender at treebender .com

    “This address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification.”
    Membership Anyone can register
    New User Default Role

    This is hopeless I can’t even ask the question. From my 5 or so explanations on this I would think someone could figure out what I am trying to say. Otto you said

    “Does your email address actually start with www? If so, then yes, it should probably have that. If not, then it shouldn’t.”

    That is reasonable enough but hardly any help. What if I accidentally did it or it just did it on its own for some reason? My email address from my host is just my name at my name dot com, I still do not know why WP added w w w to the fromt of it. What if its not supposed to or what if it is? If it supposed to be like that I would have thought maybe it was not the first time anyone had heard of it. I thought I was being clear and isn’t this just like a beginning rookie easy question.

    Thank you for the time spent. I quit. Obviously I am too stupid to even ask a decent question.

    If you are putting ‘’ in the ‘E-mail Address‘ field under Settings > General and WordPress is mangling it, then it is not behaving correctly. This is nearly always due to theme or plugin.

    I don’t know if I put that in there or not. When I set up the site I think it asked me the basics like that, I know it set up my URL on its own and IIRC it asked me about email address, maybe I typed it in wrong or something.

    I only have 2 plugins NexGenGallery and SimplePageOrdering. I am scared to use any plugins because I don’t know how to fix stuff if it gets buggy.

    Should I just go into settings/general and type in what I think my email address should be?

    I thought maybe WP needed a www in front of my email for reasons unaware to me but its sounding like I should probably just go change it to ‘’ and erase the www dot attached to the front.

    Are there ANY emails that begin with www?

    there could be emails that start with www. if that is what a person signs up for.

    Yes, you should go into general settings and change the email address to your actual proper email address where you would like to receive your notifications.

    If your email address then changes to something different than what you typed, let us know, and we canm try to work through the issue.

    Thank you Voodoo. And to everybody who helps I am sorry for the theatrics. I don’t expect myself to know much, so I need to have more patience and just try to learn as I go. I have had a heck of a time just asking a quesiton but I have learned a lot about my mistakes so far here in this forum. From now one I am going to do my best to be as professional as possible.

    You answered my question though Voodoo, I am just going to go change it.
    I read this in the forum guidelines as well

    “Before you post, make sure you’re posting about a self hosted site and NOT a site.”

    My site is a dot com site and I do not host it myself, I think that means I am in the wrong place or should not be using the forums?

    There is a significant difference. If you signed up for and are using then you should direct your support questions here:

    If you have installed WordPress yourself (manually or via admin panel provided by host) then you are using and this is the correct place.

    The domain/url of your site is a separate thing.

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