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  1. lithis
    Posted 10 years ago #

    1.3 download

  2. Yes, isn't it nice?

  3. You know, the ability to download v1.3. It is quite nice. I mean, why go through all the trouble of writing v1.3 for yourself, when you can download it? It's exquisite, really.
    Disclaimer: The entire statement given above should be considered as "sarcasm".
    "Sarcasm is just one more service we offer."

  4. blueorder
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Now that "is" great...sarcasm...sarcasm is one of the wonderful things in this world...along with v1.3...
    hmm, sarcasm on sarcasm...hehehe

  5. allthewhile
    Posted 10 years ago #

    yeah so is anyone gonna tell the bloke where to get it?

  6. Hm, why not try the download page? Perhaps there's a clue in the paragraph entitled, "Unstable Versions". http://wordpress.org/download/

  7. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

    I didn't see a '?' in that sentence...
    links to

  8. TechGnome
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I don't think it was a question... more like a command. Maybe he was trying to tell the website to download 1.3. ????

  9. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

    Ok, but then the real question is, 1.3 of what???

  10. Joshua Sigar
    Posted 10 years ago #

    You guys seem to have fun :)
    Anyhow, just a quick commercial http://codex.wordpress.org/Wiki_Day

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