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  • – Improvements over 1.2?
    – Release?
    – What changes do I need to make to my index.php?
    I’ve been away for a bit, so any info will help.
    Thanks 🙂

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  • skippy



    Improvements? You betcha!
    Release? When it’s done.
    What changes do I need to make to my index.php? Yet to be determined.

    First, I’d keep an eye on the bug tracker, to see what sorts of bugs are being reported and fixed.
    Next, peek through the CVS and look at the comments next to the files for anything interesting.
    Finally, download a nightly and install it to a temporary directory. See what’s different.

    There isn’t currently a publicly available running changelog, so we’re kind of left to ourselves to figure a lot of stuff out. My guess — based on nothing more than the fact that one shoe is tied slightly less tightly than the other — is that 1.3 is still several weeks out, quite possibly several months out.



    Could someone in the know post take a little time to post an update of the types of improvements being added to v1.3? What is te overall direction of the development of WordPress.
    I’m not asking for lengthy details, but I think many of us would be interested in an update.



    i’d love that as well…



    I installed the nightly on a test site yesterday. Went through all of the admin interface and couldn’t see any differences between it and v1.2-mingus.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Infrastructure changes, code cleanup, bug fixes, … The permalink generation code has changed quite a bit and now supports %author% and %category% and paging everywhere. Most of the logic in wp-blog-header moved into query_posts(). There are some new functions for determing what type of page is being displayed: is_single(), is_archive(), is_category(), is_home(), etc. Several new plugin hooks have been added. Lots of work went into fixing the backslash problems and removing unneeded calls to stripslashes(). index.php can now serve up feeds and trackbacks. Just slap &feed=rss2 onto any index.php query to get an rss2 feed of the query results. posts_nav_link() now uses cruft-free URLs. /page/# can be appended to any permalink. /feed/ can be used in more places. PATH_INFO can be used to handle all permalinks, including feed and trackback. And lots more.



    rboren’s words have gone into
    I guess if everyone can add their discoveries, and the devs can add to that, we will be better prepared for when it comes out. 🙂


    so no major new features, at least not for people who don’t author plug-ins. thanks for letting us know.
    as an estimate, when are we likely to see true multi-blog support? 2.0?



    It does look, at least for v1.3, that the work has been focused on the underlying features; features which the average weblog user (who, it bears to remember, is probably not a programmer) will not readily see the benefits.
    With the additional plugin goodies, the devs probably need to emphasize that even average users will need to upgrade — if they plan to install plugins. Plugins developed using these new additions will not work, and will break on versions prior to 1.3.
    I didn’t see in Ryan’s post mention of a version checker. Perhaps now would be a good time to include this within the plugin system; no need to force non-programming users of the weblog software to figure out why the plugin they just installed is causing grief when it could/should be handled within the plugin system.
    I know there is a version variable; can this be checked by a plugin, and then the plugin automagically deactivates itself? Of course, it should let the user know it has done so….

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