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  • I just upgraded to 1.3-alpha-6 and posted a message. I’m using Dunstan’s timesince.php plugin and my post says this: -1 years, 12 months ago, evening time. What’s going on there? My old posts seem to be ok, and when I checked the timestamp in the CP it looks ok, but it’s displayed messed up like that. Please help! Here’s the site if you guys want to see the error in action. Thanks!

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  • wait actually my old posts are shifted up by a few hours!!

    i think i figured it out.. 1.3-alpha-6 picks up the time from my server, which is in est timezone, but it says that it picks up utc timezone.. someone marked it wrong in the cp!! so sorry for the annoyance..

    ok i was wrong.. i DO need HELP!! it seems like wp 1.3-alpha-6 is feeding off time to display from the webserver (est -5), but when i post an entry or when my visitors post comments the time used is off of utc (gmt 0) so there’s a 5 hour difference there. i’m on java time (+7) so normally i would put +7 in the cp but now i have to put +12 and it’s messing things up for me.

    i just switched back my time to +7 so now everything is 5 hours ahead. i thought it was easier dealing with this rather than hand-editting tons of mistimestamped comments.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    nevermind i figured it out.. sad this place wasn’t very helpful, though..

    Mark (podz)


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    That’s what …. 5 hours.
    5 HOURS and it’s “sad this place wasn’t very helpful”
    Maybe somewhere in the “Support Forum Helpers Contract of Employment” it mentions response times.
    I would go read it……if it existed.

    Hehe, theres just no pleasing some people. Even when they manage to sort it themselves. Of course we could turn the tables and say you wasted our time with something you could answer yourself – but what the hey.
    If you know what the problem was why not post what you did to help anyone else?

    Are you kidding me, this kid is complaining no one fixed his problem with a PLUGIN he installed then upgraded his WP within a five hour period. To top it off WP is FREE, yet he expects the kind of service for something you’d pay good money for.
    How sad.

    it was messing up my database posting wrong timestamps, etc. and i was panicking.. i’m so sorry.. i didn’t mean to mock the response time of this forum or expect anything more from a free system, i was simply crying out for help. anyway, apparently dunstan’s time since would have to work by adding or substracting the time difference between your server and gmt.. so there.. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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