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    Hi there, my post should possibly be directed at 123-reg (And I seen they hang out here) although any help would be greatly received.

    I bought a domain on 123-reg and then via the control panel bought unlimited hosting pack, installed WordPress software (All via the control panel in 123) and it was incredibly easy, had the web page up in running in minutes.

    Unfortunately come time to build a second separate site on the same hosting has me stuck.

    Right so I bought a new domain via 123 and thought under the control panel I would have the option to add existing hosting, unfortunately it doesn’t look as handy as that “Buy hosting” was the only option”, so I done a bit of hunting and found that domain mapping is where I needed to look.

    In the mapping section I seem only able to map to existing folders (Which makes sense BTW as I haven’t created any new ones). Am I right in thinking that I need to create a new separate folder to point the domain to? If so, how do I create a new separate folder for the new site?

    That is the only thing that has me stuck. If I choose an existing folder I am going to get a copy of the website with the hosting attached I presume.

    I cant seen the option to create a new folder. Help me out if you can 🙂

    Many thanks

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  • Hello Onion,

    If you are on the Starter Web hosting plan, then you can host only one domain.

    If you are not with the ‘Starter’ plan, then please never map to the existing folders. So, you should create a new folder. But, where and/or how to create that folder, depends entirely on the host. If anyone has experience with 123, then they may be able to help. Otherwise, the only other option is to contact your host.


    Cheers friend, I am on the unlimited package which supports an unlimited amount of databases.

    You are right, it’s how to create the folder.

    Thanks again 🙂

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    My name’s Nerys and I work here at 123-reg.

    From your post I get the impression you are looking to have this second website hosted by using another one of the one click app installations we offer with our hosting packages is that correct?

    If so you can install the app onto your hosting, in the same way you have for the first, and we will create the folders for you. You can then map your second domain name to the hosting packages and whilst doing so you will see that the folders drop down will contain a list of the folders for the new app you have installed.

    If you need any further help please do say and I will be happy to advise.



    Nerys, thank you for the help. I will tell you now the steps I have taken, I spoke briefly this morning on live chat and thought I had cracked it, but unfortunately not.

    Ok so via control panel selected the domain with the Linux Unlimited Yearly hosting, clicked manage hosting and then file manager. From there I created a new folder and in that folder added a .htaccess file with the following information :

    # BEGIN WordPress

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

    # END WordPress

    then I clicked on Apps, then looking for more apps, then install wordpress, I am then confronted with the screen and the 2nd domain I would like to add the new installation too. for example: (It does say insure this folder is empty) I have my .htaccess file in there though, but I have checked and clicked next anyway.

    I then used existing passwords for wordpress and the admin screen that follows. Next is the following :

    “If you wish to make your chosen application (i.e. WordPress) the default homepage for your site, please check the box below. This will result in the installed application being located at your root URL, for example

    Please note: If you check this box your current .htaccess file will be permanently overwritten.”

    I didn’t check this and clicked next.

    Click install, but for some reason it is installing to a different directory, for example, even though I didn’t want it to go there (I don’t think)

    I thought I would try mapping to the installation folder anyway.

    So from control panel select domain that I want to use the new word press installation on, click manage and then domain mapping. I have used this screen with mixed results, I have tried several times to map, sometimes it looks like it has worked, but the mapping information never seems to stay stored. After refreshing and getting the map up, clicked add, selected the site I want word press on, in the middle my main site with the unlimited pack and then looked for the folder I created (example: it is there but after checking in file manger it is empty).

    I just checked file manager again (I can give you all the proper details if you like but it seems that wordpress had installed here example again : publichtml/newfolder/newfolder/wp-admin/newfolder/ lol. My head is in a spin here, I am going to get something to eat and then have another sit down.

    This morning I could map to the installation directory at least but when I tried to load the domain it would just direct me to 123-reg’s site

    I am probably doing something silly here

    Hold on, the penny has dropped here, maybe because I have filled my fat stomach and I am thinking clearly. I do believe I was trying to install wordpress on the new domain, instead of course of installing it on the existing main domain and then mapping too it.

    Be right back:


    Ok I have now installed wordpress in a new folder on the main domain with the unlimited hosting pack.

    Next step I tried to map the new domain to that installation but I am having problems with the mapping platform on 123, it is giving error messages, I have tried refreshing etc without much luck, will try again, ok tried again and I was able to add the mapping but when I try to load the webpage 123-reg comes up. Domain name is correct only with 123-reg main page


    Can you confirm one of the domain names for me and I will take a look and see what is going on with the domain name mapping?



    Yes sure (

    Cheers, I am just heading out, will be sure to check back as soon as I return

    Now working 🙂 mapping to the folder, for some reason this would not work earlier in the day, it could be that I was unlucky with the timing and my internet connection was on the blink. But home now and the new site is working fine.

    Excellent. Thanks for the help

    Now not working again, when I check the mapping in control panel it is gone, when I tried to add it again I get an error message. Strange.

    Giving up for tonight

    OK an update, last night the mapping location had vanished and I couldn’t load the site. This morning it is there again and the site is trying to load although the last theme I uploaded needed various plugins that would not work, so this is possibly the reason for the site not loading and looking like one big fail.

    Any way my problem now is that I cant access the admin for the second site, it just kicks me into the main site when trying to access it.

    Mods I would be happy if you want to delete or merge posts here, its looking a bit messy and bordering on spam.

    Any luck Nerys, I don’t want to contact 123 until you come back to me here.


    Ok, the mapping is now working, and more importantly the website is now working. For some reason the .htaccess file had either changed or been removed, how I don’t know.

    Replaced the file and now all is working.

    So in total now, I have my main site running perfectly,a second domain mapping to the site that is working, and now a separate site working independently (Sort of)

    So I will mark this resolved myself
    Many thanks

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