12,000 comments on one page - comments don't show up (3 posts)

  1. authenticcom
    Posted 4 years ago #

    We received 12,000+ comments on one post. All were held for moderation. We have approved about 3,200 of them, and now the comments don't show up when the page loads. We're wondering if there is a maximum number of comments that can be attached to a single post? Or a maximum number of comments that can be held for moderation? Or what the problem might be?

    We unapproved several hundred comments. This didn't fix it.

    We moved several hundred comments and attached them to a different post. This didn't fix it.

    We cleared 1,000 comments out of the SPAM folder. This didn't fix it.

    Here's the page...


    As you can see both the comments and the sidebar don't show up when the page loads initially. If you refresh the page, both appear.

    What do we need to do so that comments and sidebar appear on the initial load of the page?

    Thanks for any ideas or solutions!

  2. Christij
    Posted 4 years ago #

    We are having the same problem at just under 5000 comments. I'm freaking out as we are doing a huge giveaway with a major brand and this is not good.


    The post with the large number of comments just stopped showing the comments section, as well as all of the sidebar widgets, and the dashboard bar at the top of the page doesn't show up.

    All other pages on the site are completely fine. We did not change, tweak or do anything. It randomly will start working again, than go down again. We've pulled off as many plugins as possible, my husband spent half the night going through code, and we can't figure it out.

    Hoping someone can give us both some advice asap! Any help would be immensely appreciated.

  3. As Sam said in Christij's post:

    login to host's phpmyadmin
    select database
    check mark all tables
    select "repair" from drop down at bottom

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