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  • I just upgraded from v1.2 (I think) to v1.5 and for some reason, the Archive links are not functioning properly. Clicking on a particular month will just refresh the page with the latest posts. As near as I can tell, the migration did not corrupt the datestamps on the posts and it fails with a variety of Themes.
    Additionally, the Comments link suffers the same problem, it just refreshes the page.

    Any ideas where to look? Everything else seems to be working properly…

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  • Did you follow all the steps from this guide?

    I followed the steps here (, which appear pretty much identical. I did not migrate my existing template, but rather grabbed a new one and moved a few minor sidebar tweaks (amazon media, Adsense HTML, etc). Even using the default Theme, this manifests itself.

    Without a link it’s difficult… 🙂

    I’m back to the default theme right now for debugging. Note that I’ve temporarily renamed wp-comments-post.php to a temporary file as I got hammered by spam within minutes of upgrading (I’d renamed it under 1.2 which pretty much killed comment spam). Even with the file properly named, the comment link still fails.

    BTW – I can no longer find the file that references it to change the calling link as well – Maybe my grep skills are a little rusty and I’m not searching properly…

    This thread seems to deal with similar issues:

    Bingo – A post there pointed me in the correct direction. I had the Blog Address (under General Options) just set my base URL ( I changed it to “” and that seems to have fixed things.


    Thank you for posting back the solution that helped you.

    thanks .. that helped me too with a similar problem .. !!!

    That helped with my problem too, thank you 🙂

    This seems to have been a server thing. A properly set up host will default to index.php if index htm isnt present.

    Uhoh, I think v1.5.1 broke this workaround. It’s now forcing a trailing / on the end of the Blog Address URI, where
    would change links into
    now with v1.5.1, it’s

    If I leave the Blog Address URI at “”, then the links are just
    and don’t get interpreted properly.
    I’m not in control of my server config. Any ideas how to fix this?

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