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  • Dirk


    There are currently 123 bugs not closed or resolved on
    Let me make some points I think are important:

    • should be linked prominently from the support forums or even the main page and answered in the FAQ IMHO.
    • I sense (correct me if I’m wrong) that there won’t be any bugfixes in 1.2 because there is the 1.3 in the queue?
    • WordPress is really cool, but I think it’s very important especially for new users to get a version with as few bugs as possible.
    • I see bugs on mosquito which actually have a solution, but won’t find their way into wordpress before 1.3 (as I guess)

    Here’s my proposal:
    I would volunteer to incorporate at least some of the bugs which already have a solution into a patch or a complete 1.2.1 if I knew that the core developers are interested in bringing a bug-fix release 1.2.1 to the public before a 1.3.

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  • MarkMichon


    This is just my opinion, with no actual backing what so ever, but..
    From experience, generally the reasoning for version numbers is to seperate various builds. This shows current users that there is a fix version available and that they can upgrade from their current. To simply fix bugs and have the same version for download, many may not notice that they are in fact using a buggy version. As far as 1.2.1, I do not see how that would be different from 1.3. We are not talking a leap to a 2.0 in which the entire scheme of WP has changed. If you install a 1.3 nightly it is in fact barely changed(core WP purpose wise, i know a lot of work goes into the little things unseen on the surface) and has a few cosmetic changes as well.
    Basically what I am saying is what is the difference between going from 1.2 to 1.2.1 and going from 1.2 to 1.3?


    If mosquito is linked prominently it will get clogged up with junk from people who can’t tell the difference between a bug report and a support request. The people who need to know about it already know.

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