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  • I do have the “Facebook Status on (My Page) Timeline” entry box, where it says, “Sumarize the post for your Facebook audience…” if I’m publishing to one of my Facebook Pages;

    …but not an equivalent entry box for when I’m only publishing to my author timeline (my Facebook Profile). Seems like this box did exist in one of the 1.0.x versions of the plugin…

    I am able to publish to both my profile and page(s) timelines…

    Also, still no Mentions entry boxes in my install, even though I have reauthorized the app several times…

    Any ideas…? thanks in advance,

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  • Exactly the same problem here. Fresh install, Facebook app install fine, but no mentions boxes on new post or page.

    Anyone with an answer?

    As an aside, similar to Mike Shupp above, I have the permanent link directing to Facebook to setup the publish action. I have already done that successfully, and is active. Should that line be “checked off” like the other prerequisites?

    If I publish a blog post, and use Social Publisher to have it published to my FB page at the same time, and also enter a message in “Facebook Status on (My Page) Timeline” entry box, where it says, “Sumarize the post for your Facebook audience.” …it publishes to my FB page with the status message no problem.

    If a FB user then comments on my FB page on that post — is their comment supposed to also show up in my blog post’s FB comments box? It doesn’t seem to… but if a FB user first comments on my blog post, then THAT comment DOES seem to appear on my FB page…

    Is this how the plugin is supposed to work?

    It’d be fantastic if I HAD a “Facebook Status on (My Page) Timeline” box…

    Having the exact same problem. It stopped working once I updated the plugin.

    Same problem with the social publisher
    “Associate an Open Graph action-object pair for your application: people can publish an article” as Mike Shupp.

    Difference is that I don’t get any boxes. What gives? This plugin has great potential.

    Just want to let you guys know that the boxes aren’t showing for me either. I used to have two textboxes, one for mentions and one for adding custom text to your timeline when it posted a new post.
    Both boxes are gone…
    I have version 1.1.5 of the official Facebook plugin for WordPress.

    By the way, this is my Social Publisher settings page:
    Are these settings correct?

    I associated an Open Graph action. The timeline gets updated when I post something.

    Just the two textboxes on the edit post/page page are missing.

    Also, whether or not the Facebook comment box is shown on a post or a page used to be linked to the “allow comments” setting on the edit post/page page.
    This is no longer so. I disabled comments on two pages, yet the Facebook comment box is shown…

    #Yep, having the same problem.

    • No mention boxes appear when adding a new post
    • Also no ‘V’ check at the second line (But my guess that’s okay..)
    • I can post to my own FB page via app (that box IS visible in admin)
    • Comments and all other stuff works as should

    Just no mention boxes when posting new

    Upgraded to 1.1.6, however my above referenced issues still remain. I removed the application permissions from my Facebook account and re-authorized through the Social Publisher settings page, but no change…

    Yep; same here.

    AND, after upgrade, my comments have disappeared. This app seems to remove more and more features as it “upgrades”.

    @jackgorman, luckily I didn’t update then… This plugin has so much potential, but it seems that the developers aren’t really testing it before release…

    Also having the same problem. Any new information? I have tried the same actions others have detailed above to no avail.

    Solution needed!!!

    Same issue here, still a problem as of ver. 1.1.8, not sure what caused these fields to disappear. I have no mentions, and no custom status to page fields when creating new posts. I DO have the custom status to timeline field, but that’s it. The mentions that I used in a previous post still show on said post, but the option to add mentions to posts has completely disappeared.

    I tried the above mentioned troubleshooting options to no avail. Since there aren’t a ton of people crying foul on this issue, I’m assuming many of us have something in common that may be causing this issue. The only plugin I have in common with one of the above posters is NextGen – maybe there is some setting missing on our FB apps…I dunno.

    my site is

    It looks like the guys over on this thread are having the same issue:

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