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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    myCRED 1.1.1 is on it’s way and brings a few bug fixes and adjustments.

    – In 1.1.1 I have moved the bbPress hooks form the BuddyPress add-on to the core. This means that myCRED now no longer require you to have BuddyPress installed to support bbPress. Those who use BuddyPress has nothing to fear, you still will have access to the bbPress Hook.
    – myCRED will now insert users point balance on bbPress profile pages.
    – You can select if you want to include authors point balances in their profile with each reply as well.
    – You can select if Forum authors should also be eligible to get points for creating topics. Same goes for topic authors. By default, a topic author will not get points for replying to their own topic.
    – Added Fee’s hook: Points for topics getting “Favorited”

    Note. Once updated, you will need to visit the Hooks sub-menu and re-enter your settings for bbPress!

    – Added option to display ranks in a ascending or descending order.
    – Added a new mycred_list_ranks shortcode to list all published ranks with their points settings.
    – Adjusted the ranks admin page to display ranks in order.
    – Added support for using “content”, “excerpt”, “custom-fields” and “page-attributes” for ranks.
    – Adjusted the mycred_users_of_rank shortcode to support table layouts.

    Note. Once updated, you will ned to visit the Settings sub-menu and update your Rank settings. There is also a tutorial for the Ranks-add on that reflects these new features.

    Bug fixes:
    – Language files not loading
    – Incorrect spelling of the myCRED_Hook class for Events Manager causes white screen of death
    – Hooks run() method fires to early causing custom hooks to fail to run
    – Import Add-on’s CubePoints import does not log import

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