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    Under PC.

    > IE – Video doesnt work, no music. Plugin most likely not loaded.
    > Firefox – Video is black, music plays in background. Even in fullscreen, still black screen, no video.
    > Chrome – Works perfect

    Under Mac.
    > Firefox – Works Perfect
    > Safari – Works Perfect

    Mind you, 0.6.8 worked well under IE PC, the only problem was Firefox PC.


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  • Just upgraded to Windows 8 on the PC

    Under IE – Works perfect. I can even pause my clicking the video.
    Under Firefox – Same thing, audio, no video.

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    thnks for your feedback!
    The problem is that the Youtube iframe API used in this last update is not so stable as I can get. Actually i’ll see if I can fix this kind of problems cross platform and cross browser, otherwise I’ll get back to the Flash API.

    Ok, no problem.

    Thanks for the Plugin tho.

    Hi! I noticed that the video background is not centered inside the browser window anymore: there is a margin on the right side and the video left limit is set beyond the left side of the window… The negative offset and the margin on the right vary in an unpredictable way depending on the browser window size. I’ve tried with several browsers on several platforms but the problem remains the same. Thanks again for the great plugin!!!


    The plugin is not generating the shortcode within the settings even after I’ve placed the youtube link and saved it.

    I’ve tried multiple times to delete and re-install and its still doing the same thing… Running version 1.1.

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    The video you are inserting from the Settings panel will not generate a short code but a A tag containing the parameters for the plugin initializer. In the source of your home page (or front page) you should find something like:

    <!-- mbYTPlayer Home -->
    	<script type="text/javascript">
    	    var homevideo = "<div id=\"bgndVideo_home\" data-property=\"{videoURL:'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4RO_i5Cno', opacity:.5, autoPlay:true, containment:'body', startAt:0, mute:true, optimizeDisplay:true, showControls:true, printUrl:true, loop:true, addRaster:false, quality:'default', ratio:'4/3'}\"></div>";
    	<!-- end mbYTPlayer Home -->

    Right I do see that within the source code… What I am trying to do though is roll out the awesome background video capabilities to other pages other than the homepage as described within the settings of the mb.YTPlayer Settings states: “You can add a mb.YTPlayer to any of your posts via the shortcode editor available by clicking the button placed on the button-bar of the post content editor”

    This is where I am trying to find the shortcode to be able to place on the post as I am unable to find a “mb.YTPlayer Shortcode” button on the button-bar.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Please disregard the previous post… I did find the button thank goodness. I was actually mistaking that button for another youtube inserting tool!

    I do appreciate your time that you’ve went through to make this all happen.

    One happy user!

    hi i was wondring

    how can the explorer issue can be fixed
    i cant see the video on explrer and not on ipad

    is it a bug or am i doing somthing wrong
    this is the link

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