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  • Resolved Craig


    Love the plugin, but 1.08 didn’t work out well – I rolled back to 1.04.

    1. I didn’t care for the really narrow dropdown – plus the shortened titles were spitting out a question mark at the end of the page title if it was too long. It was more helpful to quickly find a page to edit with the wider dropdown.

    2. Not crazy about changing it to ‘WordPress Pages’. I liked ‘Edit Pages’ much better. Maybe ‘Spider Admin’? The ‘WordPress Pages’ feels like a disconnect for me.

    3. It also looks like the default ‘Edit Page’ link is gone too.

    In summary…FWIW…my $.02

    – Bring back the wider dropdown
    – Change the wording back to ‘Edit Pages’ or something new like ‘Spider Admin’
    – Bring back the native ‘Edit Page’

    And BTW…I still think this is a fabulous plugin. Saves me a ton of time. But, for now I’ll stick with 1.04.


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  • Plugin Author jatacid


    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    1.08 has a new setting field where you can label it whatever you like 😉
    Call it ‘WordPress Eats Eggs Everyday’ if you want haha.

    1.08 also combined the old ‘View’ and the ‘Edit’ lists into one menu because usually you only need one action or the other on a page so the tiny extra mouse movement to see the ‘edit’ submenu wasn’t an issue. Give it a try – once you get used to it, it’s actually a lot easier for muscle memory to find and then edit a page.
    I’m gonnna see if I can add a highlight colour to the current page too so it will be even clearer.

    Good point about it being too narrow though! I’ll definitely throw that a bit wider in to the next version.

    RE: the question marks you’re seeing – you don’t have any ‘hypens’ in your title by chance do you? A couple of users have reported it but I think it might be a character encoding issue I’m not sure. They’re like little quesitonmark triangles right?



    Thanks for the speedy response!

    Yep, looks like character encoding. It’s appearing on my titles that contain an apostrophe.

    Thanks for the tip on labeling, I like your example 🙂

    Plugin Author jatacid


    Haha yeah, well, that way you’ll make it much wider too 😛

    I’ll start looking into how I can change the encoding of it…Bit of a mystery this one for me!

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