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  • Hi,

    After a lot of searching and wasting time trying to find the right webhost I decided to settle for the UK 1&1 home package because it seemed to offer good value for money for around £4 p/month.

    However when I finally went to go about installing WordPress on the the MySQL database I found it had none!!!

    How can a web package not have a MySQL database in this day and age!??

    So now I’m looking for a new UK based host that is cheap, reliable etc, has MySQL, reachable tech support and lets me host multiple sites on the same package.


    Does anyone know how I can get round the lack of MySQL database issue with 1& (the american home package has loads of MySQL, this really sucks).

    ie: I’ve been told that there are free and paid for standalone MySQL databases that you can somehow use if your webhost doesn’t offer that facility and merge together some how (or something!). I’ve done some searching on this high and low and only ended up very confused. Has anyone had any experience of using a standalone MySQL database combined with their webhost, and could maybe point me in the right direction in how to go about setting it up with WordPress etc … or at-least tell me as a minimum if this is possible!?

    Thanks for reading.

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