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  • Hi, I just switched over hosting to 1&1 and I cant customize my blog at all. I only have 8 designs to choose from and I cant even change the image header or anything. I’m new to this stuff and have no idea how to use wordpress after its installed.


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  • I’m looking at the same problem. I think if you use the control panel from 1&1, your going to be extremely limited as far as templates go. I’m looking into installing the software manually into the database to have more control. Wish I could be more help, but I’m researching the topic myself.

    I’m not following. What’s preventing you from uploading a new theme folder into your blog’s /wp-content/theme directory? Your host isn’t responsible for doing that – you are.

    Hi, do I need to do this through FTP? Also if I upload a new theme how can I change my image header?

    Does anyone have a msn or aim account, because I have several questions I need to ask. Thanks for your help!

    But if you set up your blog in the 1&1 control panel, how do you have access to this directory? Please excuse my ignorance.

    There’s a thread on this a day or so ago. I just began with 1and1 so not an expert at all but you have to use FTP to upload and edit all your files. I use SmartFTP because it allows deleting of whole folders.

    You can make directories under root to host separate websites, I think in the beginner plan, you can have something like 10 separate sites. These are separate from root. But for each domain you have to point the DNS to 1and1.

    Fellas – how do you upload files to 1&1? FTP? Some control panel thing they give you?

    Whatever that method is, presumably you’d use the same method to upload a theme for your WordPress installation.

    I have ws_FTP Pro, but once again I need to chat with someone to help me through this. Anyone with aim and msn I really need your help

    You need to use and FTP program like ACE FTP.

    The FAQ’S do give you informnation on how to set this up.

    Anyone aim or msn?

    Anyone? I really need to get my site up and running

    $5 via paypal to the person that helps me get the site up.

    You have to copy the files over from your computer in the server directory via FTP.

    Ok, but then after I do that how do I select what theme I want?

    After you load a newly downloaded and unzipped theme in the wp-content/themes directory – you shoud be able to select the theme in the WordPress admin section.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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