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  • Noahj



    I tried this plugin quite some time ago and only understood out the box that this would “Organize Plugins”.. in the backend as to help me sort list my plugins by group name.

    I checked the plugin settings and at the time and new to the language I just didn’t get what this plugin could actually do with “Selective Plugin Loading”.

    Now that I do understand what this plugin can do I can say nothing has increased site speed like this plugin. Being able to “select” what plugins load per page, post, etc. is what really enable WordPress to excel in its original form, like a fresh, clean install.

    Soooo many plugin process to load or check of content on every page and rarely do they all ever need to do that in one place or every page.

    To the user: Example.

    A contact form plugin will look to load on every page of your site but you may only have one page on your site that actually uses the contact form feature by the plugin. With Plugin Organizer, you can disable the contact form plugin loading on pages where it doesn’t need to be loaded.


    This is a must have plugin for me now. It gives soo much more control over your site, pages & execution!

    Thanks to devs…

    Jeff “Jesus :)” Sterup

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