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  • Qoolos


    This is my thread to show the love I have for WordPress 2.7. Been using since a few days in some nightly builds, but I absolutely love it. It’s faster, flexible, clean, easy to understand and more over easier to explain my tech-savvy clients.

    LOVE THIS UPDATE! keep up the good work.

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  • Chris Roberts


    More or less the same for me. I was deeply disappointed with 2.5. A lot of mistakes – some quite bizarre – were made with the changes in 2.5. While I’m still annoyed at how much WordPress changes between point releases, this was a necessary change. The changes are good, the new Admin interface is very nice. Enough so to win me back. 2.5 drove me to Movable Type, 2.7 brought me back to WordPress.



    I dig it too. Nice work WP.



    Yay, a WordPress love thread!

    Thanks so much for all that you do! Nothing compares to this software! Every time it’s updated (even 2.5!) I love it more.

    I love the staff! Moderators, you are my heroes! And I love the community!

    SO FULL OF LOVE! I’m in the middle of upgrading all of my WP sites (didn’t realize I had so many) and it’s like a giant party. OK, I’m wierd. And I’m on pain medication. But thanks all the same.



    Fantastic. Really into 2.7, the admin panel was always a let down for me in past versions but now it’s spot on. Thanks



    2.7 is GOD! The Dashboard is fanfookintastic and the ability to upgrade from the dashboard is also fanfookintastic! Instant plugin installation is just brilliant.

    In fact… it’s all FANFOOKINTASTIC!



    Stunning. Thanks so much.



    I’m loving the new admin interface too. It’s simply beautiful, and totally configurable. Upgrading from RC2 to 2.7 was a breeze. Thanks everyone in the dev team for your hard work.



    A+ from me. Love the direction WP is going!!

    Just needs a full featured WYSIWYG and I’d be in heaven.



    I have just completed upgrading my 5 wordpress installations to 2.7 . .. and I just want to join these people in saying how great I think WP has become – I can’t believe that we all get so much for so little from WordPress. Big thanks and respect to all the people involved in developing 2.7, I truly believe this is one of the (if not the) coolest thing(s) on the net.



    I have been a long time fan of WordPress, and I welcome the new 2.7 version with open arms! I really enjoy the updated admin interface (a refresh was long overdue). Plus, it was released just in time for me to use WordPress as a CMS for my new website.



    Thanks WordPress for your gift; Coltrane!



    i think its brilliant!



    I just updated my blog

    Thanks to WordPress. WP 2.7 is rocking.

    It is faster, easy to upgrade and the UI pages are brilliant.



    Thanks to WP 2.7. It is rocking



    Yeah, it´s great. Much better than 2.6. Thanks to all the 150 people who had worked on it and of course, our “WordPress God” Matt Mullenweg.
    Oh, and also thanks the “Queen of WordPress” Mrs. Lorelle VanFossen for posting and helping here.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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