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  • WP Compress is a website tool that compresses media libraries and individual images for faster website loading speeds. It’s an excellent solution for businesses and individuals who struggle with slow website delivery and want to improve their website’s performance.

    The tool is easy to install, and the results are impressive. WP Compress optimizes images and media files, reducing their size without compromising their quality. This reduction in size makes the files much faster to load, improving website performance and overall user experience.

    As a recruitment business, we were struggling with slow website speeds, resulting in lower SEO rankings. However, after installing WP Compress, we were able to achieve an ‘A’ rating on GTMatrix. The tool took all our assets and made them more deliverable, achieving speeds 10 x FASTER than before, taking us from a ‘D’ straight to the top!

    The WP Compress team also provided great support and configured everything to achieve outstanding results. This level of support is a testament to the tool’s commitment to delivering exceptional results to its users.

    Overall, WP Compress is an excellent tool that delivers on its promise of faster website speeds. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their website’s performance and enhance user experience. Highly recommended!

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