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    1. With the new Options/API menu on the dashboard, is it still necessary to have the Google log/pass and Origin/Destination information in the wp-config? Will having it in there conflict with the 1.0 beta version?

    2. If running a separate CRON file, does it also still need the Google info, or just the four lines noted in the new install notes.

    3. The Connection Status keeps showing ‘Error!’ When I click the reconnect, it goes to the API prompt for offline access. When I authorize, it gives a new Refresh Token, but still shows ‘Connection Status: Error!’ Each time I try to reconnect, I go through the loop again. Is that what’s supposed to happen?

    Could not get it to work, so I reinstalled from scratch (still to no avail). I’ll be going back to the previous version for now, but still very happy to see continued development on this.

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  • Damn…I was hoping that was it.

    Everything off but that and still no go.

    At what point can I fall to my knees and do the bad Revenge of the Sith/Vader “NOOOOOOOO!”


    So my first 17 lines look like this:

    abstract class Abstract_Api {
    	protected $debugging = false;
    	protected $_customHeaders = array();
    	 * Method adapted from this answer:
    	protected function _validate($json, $assoc_array = False) {
    		// decode the JSON data
    		$result = json_decode($json, $assoc_array);
    		// switch and check possible JSON errors
    		return $result;

    …and the new error looks like this:

    Content-type: text/html

    (no, that’s not me forgetting to paste something – that’s all I get from the email report)

    Vendetta, right?

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    And you’re completely up-to-date with Version 1.1?

    Yeah… even did a fresh download and install when I was on the tech call with GoDaddy.

    Just did another fresh install. Every other plugin disabled. Modified code for Abstract_Api.php…

    Same results.

    PHP 5.4, site is at WordPress 4.2.1.

    I’ll try on one of the sites that’s running 4.1.4. Let me know if you think of anything else to try.

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    It’s sounding like the plugin is working, but the app isn’t setup properly.

    Please let me be that stupid.

    Tell me what to check and I’m on it.

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    Without being hands on, it’s extremely difficult to debug this. When you visit the Options page for the plugin, does it say it’s connected? If so, is Drive API activated? If both of these things are true, then it’s possible that it wasn’t activated with the correct account. If thats not the case, I’m at a loss as to what it could be.

    Where are you seeing the message?

    I’ve got connection. The first ‘problem’ I had encountered was the Drive API not being enabled last week. Got that going to show the status as ‘connected.’

    This shows the same Google account that the Google Docs is under.

    And which ‘message’ are you referring to? The error message from the Cron job is a notification from our host.

    I’m happy to give you a log/pass to get into our WP or do a shared screen hookup – whatever it takes at this point.

    Plugin Contributor anubisthejackle


    ok, what I’ll have you do instead of relying on the notice from your host, is to take the cron job and make sure that you have these two lines:

    $result = $docs_to_wp->startTransfer();
    wp_mail( "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS", "Docs To WordPress", print_r( $result, true ) );

    And then forward the email you get to tweston AT bangordailynews DOT com

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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