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  • Hi all. I’m working on a website for a support organization I’m in. The organization has offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, three countries with similar but still separate languages. This makes it quite complicated as I want

    1. some content translated to all three languages, and presented in the user’s preferred language (according to browser settings), and
    2. some content (mainly news) shared, since we can reach each others languages.

    I think I can fix the 3 domains -> 1 server issue with cloaked forwarding, but the language preference issue seem much harder. Is WP up to the task?

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  • To simplify, let’s say the WP front page, interface and static pages are translated in 3 languages, while the posts are not translated. Perhaps what I’m really asking for is to have different themes that changes depending on browser language preferences. Sounds complicated, but someone must have run into this problem before…!

    One of these solutions should work even for you:

    Note: all those plugins work with ONE domain, one installation, and having multilingual posts and/or interface.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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